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Apple Vision Pro and AWS Amplify Part 2 – Storage

Continuing our series on Getting Started with Vision Pro on AWS, in this post we show how you can use AWS Amplify to quickly get started building with the Apple Vision Pro using Xcode and Amazon Web Services (AWS). This is Part 2 of the three part tutorial series. If you have not previously followed […]

How to: Create a VR application with user insights using AWS Amplify and WebXR

In this blog you will learn how to create a virtual reality experience with user insights to improve your product using AWS Amplify and Babylon.js’s WebXR implementation. Using this combination of technologies is just one way to help reduce the barrier of getting your first Virtual Reality (VR) application up and running. This how-to will […]

Open-Source Launch: Visual Asset Management System Solution

BUILD, DELIVER, MANAGE BLOG SERIES: MANAGE Introduction: Today, we are excited to announce the open-source launch of Visual Asset Management System (VAMS) solution. VAMS enables organizations to store, transform, and view their 3D assets in the cloud. Customers can integrate with VAMS using any capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet the challenges posed […]