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Save the Date: Spatial Computing at AWS re:Invent 2023

AWS re:Invent is just around the corner, and Spatial Computing specialists will be on hand at the event to walk you through exciting technical presentations, workshops and more. Register here for re:Invent, and get started on your spatial computing journey.

Available Talks

CMP321 | Deploying photogrammetry & 3D models in the cloud with RealityCapture

In this chalk talk, dive deep into architecting and deploying RealityCapture in the cloud. This web application generates photogrammetry 3D models from drone images on AWS, and it allows individuals to automate its pipeline by leveraging ML (Amazon Rekognition) and GPU-accelerated Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Tuesday, November 28th at 3:00PM PST
AWS Speakers: Kurt Scheuringer, Principal Prototyping Specialist, and Jerry Tejada, Partner Solutions Architect

CMP314 | Deploying NVIDIA Omniverse Nucleus on AWS

Join Spatial Computing specialists as they show you how to deploy Omniverse on AWS in this interactive workshop. Problem solve in real time, and see how AWS can help you empower your teams to collaborate and innovate with 3D data across your cloud infrastructure.

Tuesday, November 28th at 5:30PM PST
AWS Speakers: Kellan Cartledge, Senior Prototyping Architect, and Brian Kreitzer, Senior Partner Solutions Architect

PRO202 | Emirates uses spatial technology to hire and train the next generation

At a time when others may hesitate, the Emirates Group is diving into the spatial world in groundbreaking ways. Through its immersive extended reality (iXR) platform, the Emirates Group is transitioning business processes into the next era of its digital journey. From creating moments of delight for new joiners to transforming the cabin crew learning experience, the Emirates Group is curating photorealistic, immersive environments of everything from an innovative virtual hub to an Emirates A380 jet. In this session, learn how collaborating with AWS ProServe is helping the Emirates Group overcome physical challenges and transforming its staff and customer experiences.

Wednesday, November 29th at 12:00PM PST
AWS Speakers: Dan Cotting, Spatial Solutions Architect Manager, Claire Mitchell, Senior Design Strategist, and Joe Zakzouk, Principal Account Manager

CMP318 | Build a spatial data lake with Visual Asset Management System

Managing 3D data across different business units is often challenging due to auth/access control requirements, 3D data-specific complexity, and lack of specialized talent. This workshop will give builders a hands-on look at how to use the open source, Visual Asset Management System (VAMS) to deploy a foundation for spatial data lakes, helping business units better collaborate and use 3D data while avoiding redundancies.

Wednesday, November 29th at 3:00PM PST
AWS Speakers: Dan Cotting, Spatial Solutions Architect Manager, and Lauren Marble, Spatial Solutions Architect

CMP322 | Getting started with applications for Apple Vision Pro on AWS

In this chalk talk, spatial computing specialists guide you through the toolkit needed to build applications on the new visionOS ecosystem for the forthcoming Apple Vision Pro headset using Amazon EC2 Mac instances. Hands-on demos break down Xcode and Unity and show how you can work within your existing AWS pipelines to create exciting spatial computing experiences.

Thursday, November 30th at 12:30PM PST
AWS Speakers: Kimate Richards, Senior Architect, Strategics, and Avantika Ajit, Solutions Architecture Leader

Spatial Computing Demos

Builders’ Fair Expo | 3D Avatar Model for Sign Language

Translate your speech into 3D Sign Language in real-time. Watch our GenAI model generate an Avatar which will translate your speech to Sign Language as your own personal interpreter. We will generate the Avatar using Foundation Models on Amazon SageMaker JumpStart.

AWS Builders: David Israel, Senior Architect, Spatial Computing, Sonali Jena, Partner Solutions Architect, Alexa Perlov, Associate Solutions Architect, Alain Krok, Senior Prototyping Architect, Michael Tran, Senior Prototyping Architect, Dinesh Sajwan, Senior Prototyping Architect

Monday, November 27th at 4:00PM PST – Tuesday, November 28th at 6:00PM PST

Main Expo Hall | Project Immersive Art Gallery

Project Immersive Art Gallery is a 3D space generation solution in virtual reality that uses a voice prompt to generate a scene that is an art gallery of paintings based on input from the user. Users provide a voice prompt via their VR headset, then view the generated scene in virtual reality with a VR headset. The technology leveraged includes: Verbal prompt → Amazon Transcribe → Llama2 on Amazon SageMaker to generate the scene description → scene description sent to Stable Diffusion on Amazon Bedrock for image retrieval → images returned to 3D Scene Generation tool → scene rendered with description of each art piece in VR for viewing with Meta Quest → Amazon Polly describes each piece in the art gallery.

AWS Builders: Josh Burns, Senior Solutions Architect, Spatial Computing, and Frank LoVecchio, Senior Architect, Spatial Computing, Andy Mui, Senior Prototyping Solutions Architect, Daniel Vaquero, Senior Solutions Architect, AI/ML, Toby Fotherby, Senior Senior Solutions Architect, AI/ML

Monday, November 27th at 4:00PM PST – 7:00PM PST – Thursday, November 30th at 4:00PM PST

Main Expo Hall | AWS Anywhere Demo

Experience AWS Anywhere demo featuring the latest in Low Latency with an advanced driving simulator with graphics powered by the cloud and controlled by a racing steering wheel. This coupled with IOT sensors for weight, temperature and position giving a holistic view of the driver and vehicle relationship and performance metrics.

AWS Builders: Dario Macagnano, Senior Visual Computing Solutions Architect, Nikola Cuca, Principal Hybrid Edge Specialist, Sumit Menaria, Senior Hybrid Solutions Architect, Dinesh Ambu, Solutions Architect, Jie Dong, Cloud Architect

Monday, November 27th at 4:00PM PST – 7:00PM PST – Thursday, November 30th at 4:00PM PST

Meet the Team

Spatial Computing specialists and leaders will be in attendance, and meeting with customers and partners throughout the week. Please reach out to your account or partner representatives if you would like to engage with the spatial computing team on site. Below are some examples of topics the spatial group will cover:

Spatial Computing: Business in the 3D Web & Metaverse Age

Business in the 3D Web & Metaverse Age details how AWS is positioned as a partner for customers pursuing metaverse ambitions, including our mental model on metaverse, industry challenges, AWS solutions for customers, as well as next steps for those seeking to delve deeper into the metaverse age. Learn how AWS is helping customers address use-cases including: Collaborative 3D Review, Virtual Facilities, Immersive Training, Enterprise Microverses, Immersive Commerce, and Augmented Operations. Metaverse is an innovation and transformation lever being discussed at the C-suite and board level of the most important companies in the world.

Spatial Data Lakes: Unlocking the Value of Spatial Data

This spatial computing topic is geared toward technical business leaders, including CTO, VP technology, and architecture leadership roles. This session is ideal for IT leaders, IT professionals, and enterprise developers who work with, or are considering working with 3D data and technologies such as CAD, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Twin, and IoT. As enterprises continue to adopt 3D native technologies such as CAD, AR, VR, real-time rendering, and digital twins, organizations will benefit from having a clear strategy for ingesting, managing, and making use of large volumes of spatial data. In this session, learn how a strong data lake strategy can help extract unrealized value from 3D data you may not even be aware you’re generating, and maximize the value of existing investments in IoT, data analytics, and existing cloud transformations.