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UK Consumer Startup Trends

UK Consumer Startups: Three Emerging Trends Facing Founders Today

No matter the industry or stage of a startup, there are common challenges and goals. While speaking with founders and technology leaders every day, I noticed common topics such as fundraising, profitability, hiring, regional expansion, and cloud architecture. In this post I’d like to share three technology-driven trends I’m seeing in consumer startups, which address new types of challenges.

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Hiring Top Talent for Your Startup: Lessons from Andela

Hiring is hard, but hiring for startups can be even harder. Understanding that the success of your startup depends on building a team of great people, what can you do to attract and retain top talent? Jeremy Johnson, Co-founder & CEO of Andela, a startup that builds and trains high-performing distributed engineering teams, joins us at the AWS Loft NYC to share how startups can build a solid recruitment strategy that attracts top players.

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END.’s New Platform Runs On AWS Fargate At Its Core

At END. we’re constantly working to improve the way our engineering department operates. Our goal is simple: to empower the team so they can get stuff done without obstruction or interference. Anything to make things easier, faster, more reliable—and if that means tinkering with some new technology along the way, even better. Until recently, deployments were one of the biggest pain points for our engineers and with a two-person DevOps team we inevitably became a massive bottleneck when it came to go-live. We knew we needed to find a better way of doing things, and as existing AWS users, AWS Fargate seemed like the natural way forward.

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A New Security Mindset for the Public Cloud

Many enterprises are adopting cloud-based strategies as they initiate new projects or migrate from older, legacy systems. To meet demanding and rapidly changing business needs, they employ frequent code releases, increasingly use containers, and process and store data for compliance. It’s an environment with a great deal of change and activity, but solutions like SIEMs and firewalls just can’t provide the level of insight required—they aren’t built for automation or scale.

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Innovation Drivers for PropTech Startups with Nestio, REX Real Estate, MetaProp, Compound Asset Management, and Corigin Ventures

PropTech, the convergence of property and technology, is changing the face of the real estate industry and enhancing the property ecosystem with efficient alternatives to traditional practices thanks to technological innovation–but to what extent? Founders and experts from Nestio, REX Real Estate, MetaProp, Compound Asset Management, and Corigin Ventures, met at the AWS Loft in NYC to discuss how the application of AI, automation, big data, and other emerging technologies can offer boundless opportunities and benefits for entrepreneurs looking to tap into the market. The panel also discussed predictive analytics, real estate cryptocurrencies, and other nuances in funding for PropTech startups.

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Building a Scalable Architecture: Insights from Track Revenue

Whether you have 1 or 1,000,000 users, building a scalable web application that can handle peaks and dips in traffic is vital to the long-term success of your startup. And, one that should be planned in advanced so that, as you grow, the correct scaling architecture is in place. But, as a new startup, how do you plan for high loads while also juggling a growing business? Eric Yip, Co-founder and CTO of adtech startup Track Revenue, recently joined us at the AWS Loft in San Francisco to share the mistakes and lessons learned along their journey to a scalable architecture. He unpacked the principles of developing high-performance applications as well as provided the audience with considerations and tips on building a well-designed application that’s both resilient and scalable. 

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