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Chris Munns

Author: Chris Munns

Chris Munns is the Tech Lead & Advisor for the Startup Solution Architecture organization at Amazon Web Services. Chris works with peers at AWS on how to better support AWS’s startup customers and directly engages with helping hot startups overcome complex technical challenges. At AWS for over 10 years, Chris has previously led Developer Advocacy for AWS Serverless technologies, was the global Business Development Manager for DevOps technologies, and was a Solutions Architect in the early days of the AWS field. Before AWS, Chris held senior operations engineering posts at Etsy, Meetup, and other NYC based startups. Chris has a Bachelor of Science in Applied Networking and System Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

What Amazon CTO Werner Vogels’ predictions for 2023 mean for startups

Werner Vogels’ technology predictions highlight that we will continue to see broad advancements in AI, machine learning, virtual environments, and hardware that will enable exciting new business ideas. More than ever before, startups have access to the tools needed to build the next great thing. We look forward to seeing what you build in 2023!