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How machine learning helps to build a modern app on AWS to combat financial fraud

Startups know firsthand how better technology can improve the quality of life: From AI/ML allowing scientists to better predict patient health outcomes, to cloud computing driving life-saving innovation, and modern apps enhancing accessibility. is one such startup improving quality of life. They use AWS technology to give customers in the banking and fintech industries a serverless modern application that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to rapidly identify fraud, leading to more efficient operations and higher customer satisfaction.

How InsightFinder uses AWS solutions to build an AI-driven predictive observability platform

Holding onto your time—to be a spouse, to be a community member, to be an individual—is difficult, particularly in the world of startups. InsightFinder, an artificial intelligence (AI) startup that uses machine learning (ML) to help customers prevent outages in their cloud infrastructure, is on a mission to change that.

Founded by Helen Gu in 2016, InsightFinder uses unsupervised machine learning to make cloud infrastructure more reliable. The company’s AI-driven predictive observability platform helps companies to predict business-impacting incidents as well as pinpoint the root cause of impending incidents to avoid business loss and brand damage.

How Women@Startups is building a community of women founders

Founded in 2020, Women@Startups aims to provide visibility and voice to the challenges that women founders and women in technology face. The group intends to create a sense of belonging and support for women in tech, working to address the inequities and challenges faced by women in the industry. Through employee and customer support functions, the organization provides coaching, technical support, and connections to organizations that support funding.

Greylock’s Jerry Chen on the evolving role of the startup CFO

Welcome to our thought leadership spotlight, “The Evolving Role of the Startup CFO.” This series features perspectives from prominent players in the startup ecosystem. These blog posts tackle critical questions, including: What does the role of today’s startup CFO entail and how will it evolve over the lifecycle of a startup? How can we most effectively support CFOs as the cloud increases its dominance within the organization and balance sheet? And can the CFO better navigate—and ultimately enable—the relationship between technical leaders, CTOs, and engineering teams?

Leading our first spotlight is Jerry Chen, a veteran partner at Greylock Partners, a globally recognized venture capital firm.

Women founders Q&A – Learn how they’re impacting their communities, industries, and beyond

Today, we’re talking to six women founders and leaders about how they’re making impacts in their communities, industries, and beyond. Ritu Chakrawarty, founder of Graaphene; Caitlin Colgrove, co-founder and CEO of Hex; Veronica Falzone, co-founder and CEO of Thumbo; Leanne Linsky, founder and CEO of Plauzzable; Anna London, co-founder and CEO of Chrysallis AI; and Barr Moses, co-founder and CEO of Monte Carlo.

Demo Day for AWS Impact Accelerator – Pitching to 40+ investors

After a week-long kickoff in Seattle, founders bonded through their virtual community, participating in weekly workshops and one-on-one technical and business trainings in partnership with a personally curated mentor. In December, the founders came together again at the AWS Startup Loft in San Francisco to prepare their final pitches to a diverse group of 41 investors from 31 firms.

Check out the video to get a look at the fun, and learn about all the AWS Impact Accelerator opportunities currently available to startups through AWS.

How building on AWS made a big pivot possible for syniotec

syniotec’s pivot wasn’t only a transformation on the business side—it also meant a complete overhaul of the technical infrastructure that powered their product. The company’s original rental facilitator idea could have been served by monolith architecture. But as they transformed their business and began offering a far wider variety of services to their customers, syniotec recognized the need to switch to a microservices architecture that could offer greater agility and scalability.

Impact Accelerator Latino Cohort banner

Applications are open for the AWS Impact Accelerator Latino Founders cohort

Today, AWS launched applications for the next cohort—Latino Founders. Applications are open to founders located in the US and Latin American countries, as long as their startup is incorporated in the US. Interested in applying? Applications are open March 6 – March 17, 2023, with limited space available. Read on to find out how to submit your application.

Overcoming criticism and imposter syndrome as a startup founder

When you think of startup culture, stories of meteoric successes leap to mind. But for every high-flying unicorn, you may be reminded of the risks and failures also associated with startup culture. Founders know that with success comes detractors, but how can you manage your own self-confidence and sort criticism from feedback? Identifying, and more importantly, managing your approach to criticism is key in maintaining positive mindsets and positive culture within a startup.