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What Amazon CTO Werner Vogels’ Predictions for 2022 Mean for Startups  

Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO since 2005, has observed macro trends around the technology industry, giving him a unique perspective to distinguish substantive progress from mere fads. He recently published his views on what he sees in store in 2022 for cloud technology and the technology world in general. Let’s dive into five core anticipated developments and their potential impact on the world of startups.

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Why Every Startup Should Set Up a Budget — and How AWS Budgets Makes It Easy.

As a startup, chances are you’re prioritizing speed to build fast and get your product onto the market as soon as possible. While being laser-focused on your product is essential, it also means it’s easy to overlook your AWS spend, especially if you’re running off credit programs like AWS Activate. With AWS Budgets, you’ll be able to monitor costs and usage over time, allowing you to optimize your monthly bill and maximize usage of the perpetual AWS free tier once you’ve transitioned off of credits.

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How AWS Helped PostEra Scale a Global COVID Antiviral Project

Early in the pandemic, startup PostEra saw a need for an accessible therapeutic treatment – but they had trouble getting anyone to listen. Recognizing concerns ranging from public sentiment to the difficulty in delivering vaccines or antibodies to the Global South, PostEra helped launch a worldwide effort to develop novel antivirals, using technologies from AWS. With help from our team, PostEra rolled up their sleeves to rapidly scale the infrastructure and innovative technologies to speed compounds toward clinical development.

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ICONY: Detecting and Handling Fake Accounts with Amazon Fraud Detector

As the popularity of online dating services continues to grow, so too does the threat from scammers, bots, and other bad actors. ICONY GmbH, a white-label dating platform based in Germany, helps address this issue by rigorously validating users — allowing its business partners to launch their services with a database of reputable and up-to-date profiles already in place. With more than 200 partners, learn how ICONY is helping to create authentic, and safer dating platforms.

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Quick Cost Optimization Strategies for Early Stage Startups

Cost optimization is a top of mind consideration for any startup and can be achieved with a wide variety of techniques, but how you tackle it depends on the stage of your business’s growth. Startups are laser-focused on product development, which can mean choosing between time spent building extra functionality to manage costs, like reorganizing account structures or building cost analytics pipelines, and prioritizing low-effort-to-high-impact architectural changes to keep your momentum up. In this post, we’ll share three easy-to-implement cost optimization strategies to help you quickly understand and optimize your spend, then get back to building features that will drive value for your customers.

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Built on AWS, Voltaiq Unlocks Battery-Powered Product Innovation at Amazon

Much as microchips did through the 1980s and ‘90s, batteries are now finding their way into many devices and systems around us, and in the process are changing what we previously thought possible. Advances in lithium-ion battery technology in particular have enabled transformations in the way we connect and find information, the way we move people and goods, and the way we power our homes and buildings. The transition to a battery-powered world is not without its challenges, however. While mature technologies like the mechanical components (springs, hinges, enclosures) and semiconductors that make up most of our devices are well understood and tend to fail in predictable ways, batteries are much more complicated. Read on to learn how Voltaiq works with a global customer base, including Lab126, to help them to launch products faster, optimize performance and reliability, and minimize risks from warranty returns and recalls.

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Natural Language Processing

Koo App Connects Millions of Voices in Their Preferred Language with AWS

When the social media revolution began, e-commerce sites mostly catered to English speakers, which left out a huge population of would-be participants. Koo, a microblogging platform based in India, noted the lack of inclusivity and made it their mission to create an app that is accessible to the entire spectrum of languages spoken in India. Koo started with just three languages—English, Hindi, and Kannada—and expanded from there. Learn how this ambitious startup used AWS to scale and give a voice to millions of users.

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