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CareCoPilot founder Alyse Dunn wins big after AWS Impact Accelerator

Meet Alyse Dunn, the founder of CareCoPilot and our first featured founder for Black History Month. With her software engineering expertise and caregiver experience, she created the CareCopilot web and mobile app. With the help of the AWS Impact Accelerator program, Alyse and CareCopilot are on the fast track to providing relief to millions of caregivers.

What Amazon CTO Werner Vogels’ predictions for 2023 mean for startups

Werner Vogels’ technology predictions highlight that we will continue to see broad advancements in AI, machine learning, virtual environments, and hardware that will enable exciting new business ideas. More than ever before, startups have access to the tools needed to build the next great thing. We look forward to seeing what you build in 2023!

Entrepreneurship shines in the 2022 AWS University Startup Competition

AWS Startups launched the University Startup Competition to find and support student and faculty entrepreneurs as they build and launch their ventures. The competition is in partnership with Amazon Launchpad, a program that supports entrepreneurs by providing resources, expertise, and global support to help showcase and deliver unique products to Amazon customers.

Applicants to the University Startup Competition are associated with a US-based university as an undergraduate or graduate student, faculty member, or staff member.

Now in its third year, the 2022 AWS University Startup Competition received over 1,000 applications between September and November from startups across 300+ university campuses.

Evolutionary architectures series, part 1

Every startup begins as an idea. Before you start worrying about funding or staff or distribution or any of the other myriad things, you have your fresh, new idea—a product or service that you think has potential.

If your idea will rely on the cloud, you’ll need a cloud architecture. This blueprint will help usher your great idea into reality and, if built well, can evolve alongside your business as it grows.

Meet your AWS account team

As you begin building a company on AWS, you may be contacted from someone at AWS who’s interested in learning more about what you are building and how we can help. Let’s get acquainted with the different people on your AWS account team who you’ll work with in your journey building on AWS. This post will provide clarity on each person’s role on the team and how best to leverage them to achieve your business objectives.

Shining a spotlight on startup solutions with speedy market entry

Shining a spotlight on startup solutions with speedy market entry

We showcase three winners in the GTM Innovator category of the AWS Software Startups Awards. These super-charged startups have won customers and secured partnerships through leveraging AWS programs. They’ve also adapted AWS technology and tools to suit their specific needs, and created solutions and platforms to transform how they interact with consumers and enterprises.

SaaS Founder Series: Epistemix on how software simulations can create more empathetic decision-making

Sometimes companies that offer software-as-a-service (SaaS) need help creating scalable infrastructure so they can deliver their product to a larger audience. AWS SaaS Factory invited Epistemix’s chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder John Cordier to share how the company is using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to scale, and how their software is helping data scientists […]

Discover four Pakistani startups at the forefront of AI/ML

AWS and Epiphany co-curate an AI/ML bootcamp called AI/ML Reactor. This rigorous 5-week virtual program aimed at driving AI/ML awareness and empowering startups in Pakistan and includes exclusive master classes, a group tech mentoring session, and one-on-one mentoring sessions with AWS specialists and thought leaders.