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Discover four Pakistani startups at the forefront of AI/ML

AWS and Epiphany co-curate an AI/ML bootcamp called AI/ML Reactor. This rigorous 5-week virtual program aimed at driving AI/ML awareness and empowering startups in Pakistan and includes exclusive master classes, a group tech mentoring session, and one-on-one mentoring sessions with AWS specialists and thought leaders.

Fast, reliable, and cost-efficient builds/tests at scale with EngFlow Remote Execution on AWS

Large, nimble technology organizations such as social media platforms, short-term travel marketplaces, and auto manufacturers rely on EngFlow’s platform to keep engineers in flow and maintain the necessary agility for modern software development. AWS is at the core of EngFlow’s success, giving them flexible architecture and cost efficiency, which directly translates into competitive advantage for end customers. To provide performant, reliable, and cost-effective solution to its customers, EngFlow followed the best practices from the AWS Well-Architected Framework. In this post, we’ll focus on the practices that helped improve the price-performance ratio and improve availability.

A feature image with the text, "Varjo is pushing the boundaries of mixed reality with the help of AWS."

Varjo is pushing the boundaries of mixed reality with the help of AWS

Most of us are familiar with how virtual reality (VR) can transport us to a make-believe realm. But how can it help us tangibly improve our physical world? For the past six years, the Helsinki-based VR/extended reality (XR) startup Varjo has been creating professional hardware, software, and services to help product designers develop consumer electronics that don’t yet exist.

Accelerating AI/ML Scaling and AI development with Anyscale and AWS.

Accelerating AI/ML scaling and AI development with Anyscale and AWS

Building a cloud-distributed and scalable artificial intelligence (AI) application is a cross-team effort that requires complicated management of resources and comes with numerous production concerns such as code changes, refactoring, setting up the infrastructure, and complex developer operations (DevOps). These can confuse the development process, slow down time-to-market, and keep developers from focusing on product innovation.

Call for applications: AWS launches new startup program to support growth and innovation of French public sector startups

AWS is launching AWS Startup Ramp in France to accelerate the development of early stage startups in the public sector. This tailored program supports startups in developing new products and services in government technology, healthcare, sustainability, smart cities, space technology, and more.

Meet Astro — Astronomer's managed Apache Airflow service built and hosted on AWS

Meet Astro — Astronomer’s managed Apache Airflow service built and hosted on AWS

For data to be useful in a modern enterprise, it must be collected and centralized from various sources, processed across a growing ecosystem of tools, and fed to systems across an organization in a way that’s consumable across teams. This data orchestration —weaving business logic through the data stack for everything from dashboards to personalization algorithms — requires hundreds, if not thousands, of data pipelines.

How LabVoice + AWS are expanding accessibility in research labs

Though their personal experiences in the lab were different, Sara and Gabriel, PhD student, came to the same conclusion: research labs are seriously lacking when it comes to accessibility. It’s a pervasive problem not limited to one institution or type of disability. That’s why they decided to collaborate with LabVoice—a digital lab assistant platform designed specifically for the research lab. Working together with the LabVoice team, they developed an inventory search solution that allows users to record information, like chemical location and amount, and then retrieve it later entirely through verbal prompts.

Advice from a unicorn founder – How to grow, sustain, and scale your startup

No matter what market you’re in, successful startups all have a few things in common—a passion and commitment for what they’re doing, a great story to tell and a laser-like focus on customer needs. Dataiku has taken the data and AI world by storm—transforming from French startup to global unicorn in just seven years. The team’s journey began with a passion for data and machine learning (ML) and a quest to bring everyday artificial intelligence (AI) to companies of all sizes and sectors.As a founder, your path will of course be different from Dataiku’s, but they can show you what to look out for and provide advice to aid and speed your progress.