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How Citus Health Uses AWS to Provide Secure and Real-Time Virtual Patient Care

Startups move at a very fast pace, and details like security, elasticity, and availability can end up neglected due to wanting to release a product or service as quickly as possible. By utilizing AWS, Citus Health was able to leverage built in tools and services to secure their environment and ensure that their services remain available and resilient.

AWS Activate and 11 Other Essential Tools for your Startup’s Digital-first Workplace

Slack recently launched a new Digital Toolkit that brought together 11 must-have tools for your startup. As part of this campaign, AWS Activate – a free program specifically designed for startups and early stage entrepreneurs – teamed up with Slack to provide you with resources and expert support to go to market faster, and lower your startup costs

How Emerald Cloud Lab Is Revolutionizing the Laboratory Using AWS

Emerald Cloud Lab (ECL) provides access to a highly automated laboratory, equipped with over 200 unique pieces of scientific instrumentation, to any scientist with a computer and internet connection. As their cloud lab expands to meet growing demand, they’ve faced a growing need for scalable, on-demand compute. To address this growth, ECL built Manifold, a microservices-based architecture that runs on AWS Fargate.

Hacking for Social Good: How AWS Hypercharged Our Hackathon

Nonprofits are often overwhelmed by the amount of data they accumulate, and lack the resources to generate value from it. In response to this challenge, charitable organization Data Science for Social Good (DSSG) Berlin was founded. As part of their mission to enlist volunteer data scientists and analysts to help nonprofits use their data properly, DSSG Berlin hosted Datathon, a data science hackathon powered by AWS services.

AWS Healthcare Accelerator in the UK Announces 12 Startups Selected for the Inaugural Programme

We are excited to announce the selection of the 12 participants for the first ever AWS Healthcare Accelerator in the UK, a four-week program that cultivates and promotes innovative startup solutions that achieve the quadruple aim of improved patient experience, improved clinician experience, better health outcomes, and lower cost of care.

Helping People Quit Smoking Through Financial Rewards

Vincere Health offers low-cost access to addiction healthcare using reward-based habit training. Their belief is clinicians being in the loop are integral to lasting behavior change, and that the technology serves to facilitate and personalize this relationship at scale. Vincere chose AWS as their cloud provider because AWS provides the necessary tools to help us build a HIPAA compliant platform.