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How Amazon Textract helped Fyle boost data extraction accuracy

Originally, Fyle’s Data-Extractor service relied on an external service provider for optical character recognition (OCR) and Fyle’s internal machine learning algorithm to detect amount, category, date, currency, and vendor information. Unfortunately, they were receiving some feedback from customers that their tool wasn’t very accurate. As you can imagine, this isn’t the best place to be, so they rewrote their Data-Extractor service to use Amazon Textract because of its intuitive web console for APIs, which allowed them to test APIs in real-time with personalized input. This let them quickly try out an Amazon Textract API, which helped them achieve their goal of turning around a solution in two months. After implementing their new solution, Fyle saw 51.7% improvement in accuracy for the Data-Extractor service.

Four simple steps to classify your data and secure your startup

Understanding your data types and their sensitivity levels ensures that your startup stays ahead of unintended data use or disclosures and satisfies compliance requirements. By identifying the data you have and implementing appropriate, automated controls, you can meet these requirements more easily, while also improving your security posture. To get you started, this post provides four simple steps to simplify and automate the data classification process for your startup.

Scale your startup with Serverless on AWS

By using Serverless on AWS to scale their infrastructure, the cinch team was able to focus their cognitive load on improving the platform, quickly release new features, and re-build existing ones based on real world customer insight. With their new architecture, cinch was able to pivot their business to the new model in 6 months, increase traffic by 2.5x (6,000 to 16,000 requests per minute), and reduce latency. They went from hundreds of cars sold within days, and grew by a factor of 100x within a few weeks.

Six reasons for startups to attend AWS re:Invent virtually

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again: AWS re:Invent is just around the corner. And while we’d love to hang out with you in Las Vegas from November 28 through December 2, never fear if you can’t attend in person. You can still get everything re:Invent has to offer by attending virtually. (Well, except for the slot machines and general Vegas-fueled sensory overload, of course!)

AWS EMEA Startup Loft Accelerator marks its one-year anniversary!

It has been an amazing first 12 months for our AWS Startup Loft Accelerator program. So far, we have helped over 275 early-stage (two years and under) companies with technical and business expertise, tailored training, and mentoring across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Every month, we welcome 30 new startups into the 10-week virtual program. They learn together and form a supportive community of innovative entrepreneurs. In this post, we hear from the companies themselves about their participation in the program.

Sessions for startups at re:Invent 2022

AWS re:Invent 2022 is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas from November 28 through December 2! As usual, these four days will be jam-packed with activities, networking events, inspiring keynote speakers, breakout sessions that will allow you to connect with fellow attendees, interactive workshops, and more.

How Latino startup founders are advancing healthcare equity

As with all best forms of innovation, great ideas stem from true need. In Mexico, there is a need for an equitable, efficient, and sustainable healthcare system. Latino startup founders are addressing this need and advancing healthcare equity by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to drive better patient outcomes.

How Pieces Technologies leverages AWS services to predict patient outcomes

Pieces Technologies, Inc. (Pieces), a healthcare and life sciences startup, is blazing a trail in the predictive AI/ML space. Pieces is a software as a service (SaaS)-based AI platform integrated into a hospital’s electronic health record (EHR). Their mission is to improve care by providing clinical insights along the patient journey. They offer predictions of health events such as projected discharge dates, anticipated clinical and non-clinical barriers to discharge, and risk of readmission, before they occur. Pieces also provides insights to healthcare providers in natural language, and optimizes the overall clarity of the patient’s clinical issues so care teams can work more efficiently.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with Hispanic Startup Founders on AWS: Part 3

At AWS, we know that building a dream is best achieved by having support from people like you who want to get where you’re going as much as you do. To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re recognizing the achievements and contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans who have inspired others to achieve success. In Part 3, we hear from Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, CSO and co-founder of Ledn, a financial services provider that leverages the reach of digital assets to serve clients globally, providing the same rates and level of service regardless of where they are located.

Got a great idea? Build on AWS Activate

Starting today, from the moment you join AWS Activate, you’ll also gain instant access to Activate Console, which offers a robust suite of benefits, including technical training, tested and proven infrastructure templates, personalized guidance, and more. Think of the Activate Console as your Activate smart hub — it’s where you’ll access all the tools, education, and resources we’ve designed just for your startup.