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launch darkly AWS use case

Continuous Delivery and Effective Feature Flagging with LaunchDarkly

We saw the larger companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter) invest heavily in custom-built feature flagging infrastructure to roll features out to whom they want, when they want. Smaller companies were building and maintaining their own feature flagging infrastructure or doing without. That’s where we saw an opportunity to start up LaunchDarkly. We’re going to share how we started, issues we ran into, and how AWS helped us scale.


Movidiam: Filmmaking Reimagined

We had an exciting launch at AWS re:Invent 2015, and we are continuing to evolve our platform. In this post, we share our backstory, discuss how we’re reimagining the way films are made, and explain how we’ve leveraged AWS to bring our project management tools to life.

The untapt Team at the AWS Pop-up Loft New York

Using Machine Intelligence to Predict Your Career Success

Here at untapt, we’re using machine learning to reinvent the hiring process for software engineers. We’ve built a digital hiring platform that matches developers with hiring managers and puts them directly in touch with each other. Initially focused on FinTech, untapt will soon expand to cover technology hiring across broad industry verticals. I want to share a bit about our history, how we came to be, what we’re planning next, and how AWS helped make it happen.