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Startup Architecture of the Year Program – Global Challenge 2020

AWS startup architecture of the year challenge

This year, AWS Startup customers in select regions will have the opportunity to showcase their unique and innovative architecture platforms, built on AWS. Regional finalists will compete for the chance to pitch their architectures during the Global Finale at re:Invent 2020, to win up to $50,000 in AWS credits.

Check back here for updates on participating regions and for a full list of regional winners.

French Regional Winners

  • KeenEye uses AI to make more effective health diagnosis from images and accelerate drug development with pharmaceutical companies by increasing analytical capabilities
  • increases player retention in casual and hyper-casual games
  • Tarmac enables seamless aircraft ground operations
  • Eleven Life is an app helping users discover enriching activities and experiences in their neighborhood and abroad
  • Legalplace offers legal documents to individuals and professionals as well as a connection service with experienced lawyers
  • Calldesk builds the new generation of contact centers that make customers happy using conversational AI
  • Claptime develops a video platform for independent producers
  • Dazzl is an innovative mobile app and cloud-based video production suite revolutionizing the live production and delivery of mobile video content

India Regional Winners

  • enables AI-powered reconciliation of digital transactions & keeps track of the complete transaction lifecycle and commercial contracts for organizations.
  • Niyo is India’s largest and fastest-growing Neo-Banking platform whose mission is to empower its users to take charge of their personal finances.
  • NIRA is a finance company whose mission is to bring access to credit to millions of underserved Indians. Their first product is a line of credit of upto Rs 1 lakh that can be availed credit whenever and wherever a user wants.
  • inVoid is an AI verification startup that provides instant verification solutions. Their product has been created to verify users remotely without any physical documentation and in-person verification, and enabling the remote onboarding of users driven by AI.
  • YeLo Bank is a digital-only, mobile-first neobank focused on serving mass – market consumers – the ‘Next Half Billion’ people who will be coming online in the next five years. It offers an optimum basket of financial products that are meant to meet their unique needs, unlike the standard offerings from traditional financial service providers.
  • KredX is an invoice discounting platform which helps businesses gain quick access to working capital and provides investors with a chance to earn high returns at low risks.
  • Trapyz provides brands and marketers with AI-driven insights for a better understanding of real-world consumer journeys, delivering intent-based audience segmentation by analyzing patterns in multi-dimensional data.
  • SurveySparrow’s the world’s first survey software to offer both a conversational and form-like output, increasing the survey completion rate by 40 percent. With Conversational User Interface (CUI), SurveySparrow lets users create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience.

Iberia Regional Winners

  • Codacy is an Automated Code Review Tool that monitors technical debt, helps improve code quality, teaches best practices to you and your developers, and saves time in Code Reviews.
  • Plant on demand is a platform in the cloud that allows easy and fast transactions across the agri-food value chain (producers, distributors and retailers) and that allows on-demand food production using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Smart IoT develops an enterprise-ready AI-powered platform for the Intelligent Home, that allows houses to sense, learn transparently from people’s daily habits, and act proactively, focusing on people’s real concerns.
  • Bia Power is a power grid integrated smart charging management system for electric vehicles. Bia’s mission is to reinvent the power grid by enabling sophisticated integration between clean energy and clean transport.
  • Mapit IoT is dedicated to software development and GPS tracking for motorcycles, providing its users with real-time location, alarms and other features.
  • Monei is a technology company with a worldwide distributed team across more than 7 countries. We help medium and large companies succeed in their ecommerce & digital payments journey.
  • Pentasoft designs and implements AWS cloud solutions based on IoT and Big Data for retailers who want dashboards and insights in real time with alarms and complex data analysis.
  • Ravenpack provides a data analytics service to hedge funds and large financial services organizations, helping them discover new market opportunities or assess levels of risk for investments.