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Startup Launch: Announcements at AWS re:Invent

Last Thursday at the AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, NV, Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, hosted the Third Annual Startup Launches session. Five startups, each built on AWS, launched their companies on stage in front of a room packed full of entrepreneurs, AWS customers, and cloud technology enthusiasts.

The launch party was a resounding success. Below you can check out a summary of the launches. Or, if you want to see the full announcements, watch the video at the bottom of this post. Congratulations to each of the five launch companies and thanks to all those who attended in person in Las Vegas or via our live stream party at the AWS Pop-up Loft in San Francisco.

Boundary provides a high-resolution, up-to-the second application monitoring service. At re:Invent Boundary announced its new AWS servicefor collecting, analyzing, graphing, and reporting any and all of the AWS CloudWatch metrics. You simply provide Boundary with your AWS user credentials, and Boundary discovers all the AWS services and resources that CloudWatch is monitoring, starts collecting the data, and presents that data in real-time displays. It also implements predefined alarm settings for key metric values. By integrating AWS CloudWatch metrics into the existing Boundary service, you can view all their vital application monitoring data in one simple and easy-to-use set of dashboards. Boundary collects, analyzes and displays data at one-second intervals or as fast as the underlying data source can provide.

Cloudius Systems
Cloudius Systems has developed a new operating system designed for the cloud. The rise of the cloud inspired the KVM originators and virtualization veterans team to create a new open-source operating system designed to run on top of hypervisors only and serve web-scale workloads such as NoSQL, micro services, and common runtimes. The OSv beta release launched on AWS and forms the fastest guest OS (<1 sec boot time, < 20 MB image size, 70% better TCP latency, etc.). Beyond performance, OSv excels in ease of use and has zero configuration files. And yes, everything is done through Cloud-Init and REST APIs. If you use the cloud, you shouldn’t ignore this!

Fugue is Immutable Infrastructure realized. Announced by Luminal at re:Invent, Fugue is a system for automating the deployment, operations and regeneration of immutable infrastructure on AWS. It uses a regenerative component architecture (continuously deploying, destroying and replacing instances) to enforce desired state, maintain resilience and fidelity, and normalize infrastructure quality. Using infrastructure compositions created with Ludwig, a concise domain-specific language, Fugue creates and operates instances, networks, security groups and VPCs for you. With Fugue, infrastructure is now as dynamic and fluid as the distributed applications it supports. Easy to adopt and use initially for operating stateless and semi-stateless components, Fugue integrates with existing tool chains and doesn’t negatively impact application performance. Fugue is launching in public beta on AWS and leverages a number of AWS services including EC2, S3, DynamoDB, and SQS. Learn more at

Temasys is leading innovation on web real-time interaction. At re:Invent the startup announced its new platform, SkyLink, a complete technology portfolio to enable anyone to add audio calls, video calls, and secure data transfer to any application (be it a web app, mobile app, desktop app, embedded app, or IoT-device). SkyLink is based on an upcoming HTML5 standard, webRTC, which already has support from giants of the web (Google, Mozilla, Microsoft) and of communications (Cisco, Polycom, ATT, Samsung). Built on top of AWS, the Temasys platform leverages web scalability and cloud APIs to provide services previously only available from telecom operators or Unified Communications Actors.

Threat Stack
Threat Stack unveiled the first and only solution built from the ground up to simplify security for DevOps and security professionals managing cloud infrastructures. Threat Stack shows you what system activity you’ve been missing and provides needed visibility to protect against intrusions and data loss. The Threat Stack solution helps you protect your customers by collecting details and adapting to threats with continuous security monitoring that deploys in minutes using your favorite IT automation software. With Threat Stack, you can create a uniform and reliable security posture that scales with your growth, removes the security bottleneck holding back operations, and meets your end of the shared responsibility model for security.

Watch the 3rd Annual Startup Launches at AWS re:Invent