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High-Growth Innovation Powered by Technology

High-Growth Innovation Powered by Technology

Most startups want to achieve the title of ‘high-growth’. It’s a moniker that defines their stratospheric growth within their sector. That labels them as a disruptor and change maker. And that paints them as innovative and interesting—as the kind of company that investors pay attention to and customers want to adopt. Which is exactly what Signal AI, Synthesia and TrueLayer—all winners in the Rocketship category of the AWS Software Startups Awards—have done.


Customer Focus Turned 1Password into a $2 Billion Business with AWS

Back in 2005, Roustem Karimov and Dave Teare were web consultants helping others build e-commerce sites when they started a side project to help keep track of all the different passwords needed for work. At the time, Roustem recalls thinking the opportunity would be a temporary diversion. But it became clear shortly after they finished building the product and put a purchase form up that Roustem and Dave wouldn’t be returning to their day jobs any time soon. Read on to learn how the choice to double down on their idea lead 1Password to a $2 billion valuation.