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Video: Dremio Is Transforming How Companies Analyze Their Data on AWS

Dremio, a SQL lakehouse platform, is a service that enables companies to query the data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) to get fast results and power live dashboards directly on their lake.

“A lot of companies have data on AWS and need ways to analyze it,” says Tomer Shiran, Dremio’s Founder and CPO. “And moving the data is not a very compelling idea.”

In order to remedy this, Dremio built a service on AWS that makes it easy for clients to connect to their data and query it directly. “Companies don’t have to install software,” says Shiran. “They don’t have to upgrade anything or monitor anything. They just log into, which is an AWS service, and start using it.”

Dremio also offers mission-critical BI dashboards on their data lakes. This drives agility, enables self-service, and makes it easier to work with data and democratize data within organizations.

“Our customers love being able to use Dremio with the AWS Glue catalog and with lake formation and with the data that they have in S3,” says Shiran, adding that Dremio works with many different Amazon product teams and integrates a variety of different services. “That really tight integration and collaboration that we have provides a lot of value for our customers.”