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The Startup’s Guide to re:Invent 2019

startup central introduction and schedule for aws reinvent 2019

This year at re:Invent, the AWS Startups Team has designed a set of technical sessions, mentorship opportunities, and straight-up fun for the startup entrepreneurs (and would-be startup entrepreneurs) attending the week-long event. Most of it happens at the Expo Hall at the Venetian, within a space called Startup Central. Think of it as sort of a startup VIP area. We do. So, what do you get? re:Invent is a technical conference, and these are mostly technical sessions that describe how some of the smartest startups out there are building what they build. They’ll dive deep into what works, and where they went wrong. Do you have to be a startup jockey to get something out of these session? No. You just need to want to operate at the speed and scale that the fastest growing startups do. And who doesn’t want that?

What follows in the Startup’s Guide to re:Invent are some of the key moments from the overall re:Invent schedule, and the startup specific sessions. The final curation us up to you, but this this guide should help. We look forward to seeing you at re:Invent and at Startup Central, our Venetian-based hub for all things startup at re:Invent.