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Join AWS Supply Chain at the Gartner Symposium/Xpo

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium/Xpo arrives at a pivotal juncture for supply chain leaders confronting an increasingly turbulent landscape. Heightened customer expectations, geopolitical uncertainties, and economic volatility pose formidable challenges. This premier event provides a vital forum for addressing these complexities and identifying actionable strategies to outperform and drive long-term success. With over 3,500 CSCOs and supply chain executives expected, the symposium offers an exciting opportunity to share experiences, spark innovation through collaboration, and gain pragmatic advice from industry pioneers.

I’m honored to be attending with the AWS Supply Chain, Amazon Business, and Amazon Freight teams as we collectively showcase our Pan-Amazon solutions aimed at helping customers navigate this new era.

Our Pan-Amazon presence
The AWS and Amazon teams will showcase Pan-Amazon digital and physical supply chain capabilities with live demos and subject matter experts on hand. We understand customer pain points deeply and are uniquely positioned to solve them by combining digital supply chain management capabilities, procurement solutions, multi-channel optimization, a vast freight network, and experience-based strategic guidance. We will also host an Engagement Zone where you will be able to test your strategic skills against AWS generative AI chess robots, or explore middle mile logistics in our Amazon Freight truck simulator.

Exciting opportunities to learn about new solutions

Our booth will provide actionable strategies for navigating the evolving supply chain environment and for delivering the greatest value to your customers. You will discover how to drive long-term growth by streamlining processes and leveraging resources through the adoption of effective technologies and services. We will also share how generative AI will improve digital and physical supply chain management.

Amazon Business elevates procurement to a strategic level by merging Amazon’s hallmark selection, convenience, and value with specialized features designed to enhance purchasing operations. Amazon Business transforms procurement by enabling you to harness digital e-procurement systems and machine learning (ML) for better visibility, actionable insights, and increased efficiency. By automating procurement decisions and integrating seamlessly with over 150 key e-procurement platforms, Amazon Business streamlines workflows, cuts down on manual tasks, and boosts operational transparency. This unique combination of Amazon’s extensive offerings and innovative procurement technologies empowers supply chain leaders to optimize their procurement strategies, ensuring both cost savings and operational excellence, while also supporting sustainability objectives.

Amazon Freight, our truckload transportation service, brings the simple, reliable Amazon experience to freight shipping, blending advanced technology with a network of 50,000+ Amazon-owned trailers and trusted carriers, and 20,000+ intermodal containers, to help shippers streamline their supply chain and optimize logistics. This approach allows you to put the power of Amazon behind your business and access competitive rates, an efficient global network, flexible capacity to scale up or down as needed, and dedicated shipper support. Amazon Freight also uses generative AI for route optimization to improve efficiency and reduce transportation costs.

AWS Supply Chain empowers you to effectively manage and improve multi-channel supply chains, fostering efficiency, sustainability, and resilience in an increasingly complex environment. It unifies siloed data into a centralized supply chain data lake (SCDL) to provide a comprehensive data foundation, which improves functional performance and enables the full potential of ML and generative AI for advanced analytics and optimization.

AWS Supply Chain recently added a generative AI-powered data onboarding agent built on Amazon Bedrock to seamlessly integrate data from disparate sources. This onboarding agent increases the speed and ease of onboarding customer data by eliminating the need to manually transform data from its native format into the SCDL canonical data model format. AWS Supply Chain leverages the SCDL and applies advanced ML models for accurate supply and demand planning and efficient inventory management. It facilitates seamless supplier collaboration and improve data sharing, enhancing supply chain responsiveness and efficiency.

We will also soon add generative AI capabilities to supply chain management. Amazon Q in AWS Supply Chain is a generative AI assistant that will provide intelligent, conversational responses to complex supply chain queries. Amazon Q in AWS Supply Chain will aid in visualizing trade-offs and assessing risks specific to different channels, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

I’ll be participating in several sessions spotlighting these transformative supply chain solutions:

SPS1: Digital transformation & middle mile optimization with ML & generative AI
Monday, May 6, 2:00 – 2:30pm EST | North Hemisphere C

I will be co-presenting with Cary Rotman from Amazon Freight to discuss how advanced technologies like machine learning and generative AI can optimize crucial supply chain functions such as demand forecasting, inventory management, and route planning to increase resilience amidst rapid change. Real-world use cases will showcase deploying predictive analytics and autonomous systems powered by these technologies to drive supply chain excellence.

VUR4: Maximize the value of supply chain data with ML and generative AI
Monday, May 6, 4:00-4:45pm EST | VUR4 Europe 4

I will host a customer roundtable discussion to discuss why organizations must leverage their collective data intelligence to drive visibility, speed, and resilience. Adopting a data-first supply chain strategy can unlock performance improvements and enable new capabilities, so I look forward to this conversation.

TH43: Optimizing digital & physical supply chains with data and generative AI
Tuesday, May 7, 4:10 – 4:30pm EST | Stage 1, Atlantic Hall

Gain insights into taking a data-driven approach to mitigate complexities across procurement, inventory management, shipping capacity, and supply chain visibility. Learn how combining physical and digital capabilities with new technologies like generative AI can optimize areas such as e-procurement, end-to-end visibility, multi-channel operations, and middle mile logistics to solve critical supply chain challenges.

Other Amazon and AWS sessions include:

SPS19: Transforming supply chain management with Amazon Business and AWS
Tuesday, May 7, 11:30 – 12:00pm EST | Northern Hemisphere C

Discover how the combined capabilities of Amazon Business and AWS Supply Chain can enhance supply chain efficiency, reduce costs, and drive resilience. Learn how Amazon Business utilizes advanced analytics, machine learning, and an extensive logistics network to optimize service delivery and inventory management like just-in-time systems, complemented by AWS tools for precise demand forecasting and streamlined operations – all while integrating sustainable practices.

VUR9: Future-proof supply chains: Amazon & the power of partnership
Tuesday, May 7, 3:00 PM – 3:45pm EST | Europe 7

This customer roundtable session will offer insights into how Amazon Business’s vast selection, convenience, and advanced technologies like generative AI are revolutionizing supply chain management. Learn real-world applications to overcome obstacles, transform supply chains through innovation, and build resilient, efficient and sustainable systems through collaboration.


Achieving supply chain excellence is crucial but is becoming more challenging in today’s complex business environment. Our Pan-Amazon solutions solve many key customer challenges by combining digital and physical capabilities across procurement, optimization, and logistics to increase efficiency and improve resiliency. If you’re attending the event, please come visit us at booth 401 and spend some time at our Engagement Zone.

If you are unable to attend, please visit AWS Supply Chain to discover how advanced technologies are unlocking transformative new supply chain capabilities. You can also visit the AWS Workshop Studio for a self-paced technical overview of creating an instance, ingesting data, navigating the user interface, creating insights, and generating demand plans.

Diego Pantoja-Navajas

Diego Pantoja-Navajas

Diego Pantoja-Navajas is the Vice President of AWS Supply Chain and is responsible for the vision and execution of business applications. He and his team have reimagined how supply chains can operate and are focused on bringing the world’s first continuously improving supply chain system of record to the market. He is passionate about his customers’ success and using SaaS, cloud, and AI/ML technologies to build highly usable and intelligent B2B enterprise software solutions to solve business problems related to supply chains, e-commerce, and fulfillment. Diego is an honor graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and has continued his training, completing executive education courses in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at MIT. He has also participated in multiple leadership courses in partnership with IESE Business School and the University of Michigan, Ross Business School. He lives with his family in South Florida and is always happy to learn more about innovative products or solutions that will continue driving business success for his customers.