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Learn how AWS Supply Chain improves supply chain resiliency at the AWS Summit New York

The AWS Summit New York is next week and fast approaching! I want to personally invite you to a special Chalk Talk session on AWS Supply Chain. AWS Summit New York is a free, in-person event that combines a day of learning, networking, and collaboration. You’ll have an opportunity to attend over 115 sessions covering a wide range of topics and technical depth, so you’re sure to find something relevant to your interests and skill level.

We will host a chalk talk session that will cover how AWS Supply Chain improves supply chain resilience and performance. Chalk talks are highly interactive sessions beginning with a short overview followed by an open format session where participants can ask questions and engage with their peers and with AWS experts. The session will cover how to ingest and harmonize data from across your supply chain and use that data to derive actionable insights. You will also learn about machine learning (ML) driven demand planning, supplier lead time variance detection, and built-in collaboration tools. These capabilities improve supply chain visibility, empower organizations to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and boost efficiency. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about AWS Supply Chain, network with other supply chain experts, and learn best practices for supply chain management.

AWS Supply Chain is a cloud-based application that unifies data, provides a real-time visual map showing inventory selection, quantity, and health in each location, ML-powered insights, and targeted watchlists to alert you to potential risks. When a risk is uncovered, AWS Supply Chain provides inventory rebalancing recommendations and built-in contextual collaboration tools that streamline coordination across teams to implement solutions. AWS Supply Chain connects to your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management systems, all without replatforming, upfront licensing fees, or long-term contracts.

The AWS Summit New York occurs on July 26, 2023 at the Javits Center and registration is still open. The AWS Supply Chain chalk talk (session ID: BIZ201), occurs on July 26, at 8:30am EST.

I hope to see you there!

Diego Pantoja-Navajas

Diego Pantoja-Navajas

Diego Pantoja-Navajas is the Vice President of AWS Supply Chain and is responsible for the vision and execution of business applications. He and his team have reimagined how supply chains can operate and are focused on bringing the world’s first continuously improving supply chain system of record to the market. He is passionate about his customers’ success and using SaaS, cloud, and AI/ML technologies to build highly usable and intelligent B2B enterprise software solutions to solve business problems related to supply chains, e-commerce, and fulfillment. Diego is an honor graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and has continued his training, completing executive education courses in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning at MIT. He has also participated in multiple leadership courses in partnership with IESE Business School and the University of Michigan, Ross Business School. He lives with his family in South Florida and is always happy to learn more about innovative products or solutions that will continue driving business success for his customers.