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Introducing Service Quotas: View and manage your quotas for AWS services from one central location

Today we are introducing Service Quotas, a new AWS feature which enables you to view and manage your quotas, also known as limits, from a central location via the AWS console, API or the CLI.

Service Quotas is a central way to find and manage service quotas, an easier way to request and track quota increases, and a simplified way to request quota increases for new accounts created in AWS Organizations. For supported services, you can proactively manage your quotas by configuring Amazon CloudWatch alarms that monitor usage and alert you to approaching quotas. You can access Service Quotas by visiting directly or by searching for it in the AWS management console.

Going forward, we will be referring to service quotas (instead of service limits) to better represent our philosophy of providing you with better control of your AWS resources. Please note that you may encounter both terms being used interchangeably.


  1. Central management of AWS service quotas: Using Service Quotas, you can manage your AWS service quotas in one central location, eliminating the need to go to multiple sources or maintain your own list. You can access Service Quotas either through the console or programmatically via the API or CLI.
  2. Improved visibility of service quotas: You can view default and account-specific (applied) quotas for multiple AWS services. Applied quotas are overrides that are specific to your account that have been granted to you in the past. At launch, you can view default quotas for 90 AWS services, with more coming soon.
  3. Easier quota increase requests: You can request a quota increase through a single page on the console or through an API call. You simply search for a quota and put in your desired value to submit a quota increase request. You can also view and track the status of your requests.
  4. Paving the way for proactive quota management: Service Quotas integrates with CloudWatch to alert you when you reach a threshold, enabling you to proactively manage your quotas.
  5. Simplify quota requests for new accounts in AWS Organizations: Customers often request quota increases for new accounts that they create in their organization. Service Quotas automates this process so that you spend less time requesting increases for new accounts in your organization, and ensures that all your accounts are consistently configured in accordance with the needs of your workloads.

Using Service Quotas

Emma’s serverless world

Emma is a lead developer in a startup that does image processing for customers. Her company uses AWS Lambda extensively. They love the powerful real time file and stream processing capabilities that Lambda provides. Emma diligently ensures that her application is highly available and flexible to match user workloads. However, she’s concerned about unexpectedly hitting quotas. She previously spent time gathering data about Lambda to make sure her workflows did not stop growing.

To learn about Lambda quotas, Emma visits Service Quotas, navigates to the AWS Lambda page where she can view information about all the quotas for the service.

One quota that catches Emma’s attention is ‘Concurrent executions’. She clicks on the quota to see additional details, including her actual usage against the quota in the CloudWatch graph on the same page.

Emma expects her concurrent executions to increase and decides to puts in a request to increase it so as to have excess concurrency for her new workloads. Requesting a quota increase is a common task that is now made easier through Service Quotas. Emma can now click on ‘Request quota increase’ and fill out the quota increase form.

Once Emma finishes submitting her quota increase request, she can track it through the ‘Quota increase history’ page. Her quota request needed additional review, so it was sent to customer support. Emma can see this and find the support center case number on the quota increase detail page. Selecting the case redirects Emma to the customer support console, where Emma can communicate with the agent who is handling this case.

After requesting a quota increase, Emma also sets up a CloudWatch alarm to alert her when her application’s usage is 80% of the default quota so that she can monitor usage and request for increases, if needed.

Alan’s expanding AWS workloads

Alan is a Cloud Admin in a large financial services company. His task is to provision resources for his growing AWS fleet. Alan uses AWS Organizations to manage his 500 AWS accounts. Once Alan creates an account, he routinely requests quota increases to make sure the account is configured in a consistent manner.

With Service Quotas, Alan can accomplish the same goal with a pre-defined Service Quota template in his organizations’ master account.

Once this template is active, for each new account he creates in his organization, the same quota increase requests will be created. Alan can track the status of these requests in the ‘Quota increase history’ page of the newly created accounts.

Available Now

Currently, Service Quotas is available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (N. California), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Osaka), Canada (Central), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland), EU (London), EU (Paris) and South America (São Paulo). Service Quotas is available free of cost – you will only be charged for the CloudWatch alarms you set up.


Service Quotas allows you to view and manage quotas for AWS services from one central location. Service Quotas enables you to easily raise and track quota increase requests, and integrates with AWS Organizations to save you time and effort in setting up quotas for new accounts in a consistent manner.

If you have questions about or suggestions for this solution, start a new thread on the Service Quotas forum.