AWS for UK National Security and Defence

Support national security with secure data and application services

Put in place the mission-critical data and application services you need to achieve your strategic aims. Draw on a dedicated infrastructure for the most sensitive services and data, across the globe. Exploit cloud technology to innovate and digitise the work of national security. Our cloud capabilities enhance departmental mission effectiveness, improve collaboration, and allow His Majesty’s Government to tackle extant and emerging National Security threats.

The AWS Cloud: Empowering United Kingdom Defence and National Security

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Insights on national security and defence

Getting more from your data without having to move it

Data lakes and how you analyse them are key to making the informed decisions that transform how you operate. In this report, IDC finds that AWS “provides open, secure, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure that enables easy-to-build data lakes and analytics”. It also explains how we go beyond standard security tools.

Achieving security and compliance with cloud

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) promotes the security benefits that can come from cloud adoption. The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has also recognised this with its blog post ‘More Secure in the Public Cloud’. The following IDC paper looks at the initiatives causing agencies to accelerate their cloud adoption plans, the risks IT leaders face by delaying, and how secure, compliant cloud environments help agencies achieve compliance for their sensitive workloads.


Bringing technology to the tactical edge

Snowball Edge is a self-contained piece of secure hardware, small enough to check in as a piece of airplane luggage. Discover how militaries can use it to stay connected in even the most extreme environments. Using Snowball Edge you can deliver multi-domain integration and information advantage to the tactical edge from unclassified to top secret levels.

Enabling mission success with actionable insights

Data is the key to mission success or failure. AWS has the expertise in areas including data collection at the edge, to actionable insights at the command centre, to help you process and analyse data. And to give it to the people who matter, wherever they are.

Digitally transform national security at every level


UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

AWS is delighted to be the first Public Cloud provider to achieve UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) Interim Authority to Operate (IATO) and to work together on MOD Cloud ICE (Internet Connected Environment) to support Defence’s ambition to put modern digital capability at the heart of how it operates. The use of cloud and other new digital technologies that AWS provides enables customers to transform their IT environment and to improve business performance.

Wider Government

Wider Government

The wider national security community is working collaboratively with AWS to deliver digital and data strategies at all security classification levels. Find out how you can build scalable, secure platforms to meet emerging and extant cyber threats.


Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has the mission of safeguarding and promoting British interests overseas. AWS is the trusted technology and innovation partner to FCDO, providing unmatched reliability, security and data privacy. We have worked with FCDO on numerous projects providing the organisation with a more modern hosting environment which has enabled FCDO to run their new services with less time, effort and money.


Natsec Partners

AWS National Security and Defence Partners

Our consulting and technical partners are leading the delivery of artificial intelligence, machine learning, quantum, big data analytics, dev ops, and cyber solutions. All to meet mission-based outcomes rapidly and across all operating environments.

Solve your biggest challenges

Achieve agility through the OGVA or G Cloud 12

Adopt the cloud faster through the One Government Value Agreement (OGVA) or G Cloud 12. We’re part of these key commercial frameworks, which help you to transform in a secure and cost-effective way.

Grow your digital skills with cloud training programmes

Digital technology is central to the future of national security. Our cloud training programmes help our customers to stay up to speed. We’re also running schemes that help students to prepare for the future workplace, and veterans to learn the skills to enter the civilian workforce.

Stay ahead of threats with multi-layered security

To protect your data and your operations, you need multi-layered security and policies that can evolve. We work closely with you to set security service boundaries and guardrails at every level. Our shared security model is backed by more than 230 cloud security tools and services.


Innovate securely with AWS DevSpecOps and ProServe

Develop software quickly but securely. Our DevSecOps and Professional Services (ProServe) teams can help you to create software at the pace your mission needs it – but with security threats mitigated at every stage. So, you can build the tools you need without inviting risk.

Make more of your infrastructure

MoD Cloud Internet Connected Environment

MoD Cloud ICE (Internet Connected Environment) is an accredited and supported hyperscale public cloud environment available for MoD customers who want to migrate and modernise applications. It is suitable for workloads up to official-sensitive and is hosted within Authority Zone 3 (AZ3). MoD Cloud ICE is in AWS London Region only and is connected to the internet and currently reaches back into the Restricted Line Infrastructure (RLI) via the MoD gateway service.


Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

With AWS analytics services you can build data lakes and start to interrogate data through AI, ML.. Find the fastest way to get answers from your data and give insights to your people. Get there faster with automation. And create your own, unique analytics services using AWS Sagemaker.

Tactical Edge and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

AWS edge services deliver data processing, analysis, and storage close to your endpoints, allowing you to deploy APIs and tools to locations outside AWS data centers. Get consistent AWS experiences across the cloud, on-premises, and at the edge while meeting ultra-low latency, data residency, and local processing needs. AWS hybrid solutions help you accelerate digital transformation, improve IT productivity, and differentiate end-user experiences.

Aerospace and Satellite Solutions

AWS Ground Station lets you control satellites and process data, without having to build infrastructure when you scale. Space is the next frontier for defence. We're at the forefront of getting intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data to the front line, fast.

See how it’s done

Enhancing UK space operations with AWS MOD Cloud ICE

“The UK’s ability to understand activity in the space domain is vital to supporting economic growth, strengthening our geopolitical position and protecting our critical national infrastructure. CGI started working with the RAF back in 2016 and we are proud to continue to work collaboratively with the MOD and UK Space Agency to deliver the AURORA capability in the MOD Cloud environment.”

Neil Timms, Senior Vice President for UK & Australia Space Defence and Intelligence at CGI


Modernising the MoD's distance learning capabilities

Faced with a growing demand for distance learning, in late 2020 the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) successfully migrated its Defence Learning Environment (DLE) to the Amazon Web Services (AWS), in just 2 months. AWS partner Netcompany worked on the project with AWS, the MoD’s Application Services DevOps Team (ASDT), and the Defence Learning and Management Capability program.

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AI in the Driving Seat - Dstl participates in AWS DeepRacer challenge

"When you are faced with a problem you have not faced before you’re forced to think laterally and think outside the box. That’s why we love to give our teams and particularly our early career staff these different and exciting challenges. It gives us the opportunity to engage with new technologies which are going to be really important to us in the future"

Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) organiser


Hosting the FCDO's critical services for British citizens on AWS

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) wanted to replace its legacy hosting service for two critical services they offer British citizens – Emergency Travel Documents and legalising UK citizen documents. The new hosting service needed to reduce the requirement for repetitive, manual maintenance, drive cost efficiencies and improve the services being provided to the public. Learn how AWS partner Kainos delivered this migration seamlessly.

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