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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is helping nonprofit leaders reach their mission-critical goals through cloud innovation. Tens of thousands of nonprofits worldwide use AWS to increase their impact and advance their missions. A secure cloud platform with lower operating costs and more agility returns funding and focus to the good causes that define your purpose. Together, AWS and its competency partners can accelerate your mission goals – improving the performance of websites and fundraising platforms, using data to become more effective, propelling research, and upgrading social housing.

Comic Relief scales to process up to 350 donations per second on AWS

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Nonprofit insights

Adopting cloud computing in social housing

This guide is the first in-depth analysis of cloud computing in social housing. Cloud growth is inevitable – so, when will it reach the housing sector, and what will it change?

Making the world a better place with AWS

See how thousands of NPOs are using the cloud to achieve better outcomes for communities, the environment, and wildlife, in this ebook.

The AWS Nonprofit Credit Program

Reduce IT costs, increase giving, and scale globally with the AWS Nonprofit Credit Program. See how you could qualify, and make adopting the cloud more cost-effective for your organisation.

Engaging through video and digital media

See where AWS could fit into your existing workflows – or introduce new ones – for engaging donors and volunteers with video and digital media. Discover the full range of solutions in this guide.

Give everyone what they need

Digitising charity

Digitising charity

Use the cloud to deliver your mission in an increasingly digital world. AWS can help you pave the way for innovation in every area of your operations – from donor outreach and fundraising, to volunteer drives and employee engagement.

Building membership

Building membership

Attract, retain, and nurture members from further afield than ever. With AWS cloud services at the core of your business, and member-facing services, you can take a full view of all customer channels – and better understand how to engage them.

Accelerating Research

Accelerating Research

Research funders, institutions and laboratories use cloud services to make complex workloads more cost-effective, scalable, and secure. The AWS cloud is making it easier for researchers to share vast datasets to accelerate research and collaboration.

Enabling more affordable housing

Enabling housing for all

Housing Associations are using the cloud to drive cost savings and simplify tenant services. The AWS cloud can help you manage supply and demand to identify those most in need – improving quality of living and reducing homelessness.

Solve your biggest challenges

Digital transformation

Cloud-enabled technologies like contactless payments, virtual events, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are helping help NPOs digitally transform, find new and better ways to fundraise, connect with audiences and operate efficiently.

New income streams

Government grants are scarce and social investment may not be the right fit. When you want to turn to the public or private sponsors to raise funds or create new income streams, we can help make communication with your audiences more regular and more effective.


Meet core security and compliance requirements in areas like data locality, protection, and confidentiality. Using AWS, Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) can gain the control and confidence to operate securely with a flexible and secure cloud computing environment.

Social housing management

Social housing managers must identify priority repairs and dedicate resources appropriately. AWS uses data to help you guide these essential decisions – to make sure your time and money are going to the areas they’re needed most.

Make more of your infrastructure

Simplify migrations with microservices

Save costs with AWS microservices during your cloud migration. Our serverless deployment pipelines and infrastructure-as-code reduce the operational costs of technical legacy debt by up to 90%.

Build a cohesive digital workplace

With a remote and agile cloud-based environment, including secure virtual desktops, application streaming, enterprise search, video calls, contact centres, and more, we can help you build a cohesive digital workplace.

Increase the intelligence behind decisions

Improve engagement with data, artificial intelligence (AI), and personalisation. We can help you gain a better understanding of your audience for more effective targeting – enhancing the service behind every interaction with your audience.


Secure sensitive research data

Protect the datasets that your research relies on. Trusted Research Environment (TRE) on the AWS cloud is a self-service research solution for securing and analysing sensitive data flexibly and at scale .

See how it’s done

Scaling Comic Relief to process up to 350 donations per second

“Using AWS for things like queuing and storage means we can focus on needs bespoke to Comic Relief. Boil it all down to what the biggest win has been, then it would be that we’ve made a 93% saving in costs for hosting our services.”

Caroline Rennie
Product Lead for Comic Relief

Connecting Age UK to 7 million people each year

“AWS allows us to do more with less, while still operating secure and highly available environments.”

Richard Holland
Solutions Architect for Age UK

Royal Society of Chemistry safeguards its scientific resources

“We’ve become more proactive and comprehensive in protecting our assets and can now confidently communicate our security and compliance stance to senior management.” 

Chris Callaghan, Head of DevOps, Royal Society of Chemistry

Using the cloud to improve access to social housing, rental assistance, and more

"AWS enabled us to realise our strategy and allow IT to become an enabler of change."

Andrew Dale
Director of IT, Housing Plus Group

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