AWS for UK Justice and Public Safety

Respond to the quickly evolving demands of policing, emergency services, and the justice system

Provide frontline staff with the information they need to respond to critical incidents and protect the public. Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help you transform the collection, management, analysis, and use of data. We support you to introduce new capabilities, increase innovation, improve experiences for the public, and simplify inter-agency collaboration. AWS works with many justice & public safety (JPS) organisations in the UK to make society a safer place through technology.

Ministry of Justice - Enabling a more fair and effective justice system using AWS

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Insights on justice and public safety

Digital transformation in UK policing

Free up frontline staff, base your decisions on data, and protect communities. The National Policing Digital Strategy says “the pace of innovation and uptake of new technologies has never been faster.” Learn how the cloud can help policing organisations keep up.

Realise value from your cloud migration

Get support for your move to the cloud. We based the AWS approach on our experiences helping large justice and public safety organisations migrate. In this eBook, see how our recommendations can enable you to realise the cloud’s potential and achieve more success.

Speed up critical crime searches

Coordinate quicker responses in the moments that matter most. The National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) - part of the National Crime Agency (NCA) - supports policing organisations’ and other partners with specialist capabilities. See how they use the AWS Cloud to analyse data and act against serious threats faster.


Protect data using storage with integrity

Store objects using a write once, read many (WORM) model and preserve data integrity. See how AWS can help you satisfy compliance regulations, store evidence exactly as recorded, and capture a golden copy of business records for later auditing and reconciliation.

Supporting public safety agencies and partners

Central law enforcement bodies

Central law enforcement

The AWS Cloud is helping national security and public safety organisations keep communities safe and the UK secure. See how Faculty, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology company, worked with the U.K. Home Office on a machine-learning project to automatically identify terrorist propaganda online.

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice updated its underlying infrastructure to make legal aid services more accessible and digital tools easier to use. We helped the ministry move ten major on-premises systems to the cloud, increasing stability and security and enhancing services.



Police services

The UK police are keeping communities safe by staying ahead of changes in their operating environment. They are using the power of cloud technology to reduce the impact of crime on the public, free up frontline officers to deal with crime, and make services more accessible to the public. See how AWS is helping the police to fight cybercrime, modernise services, and deal with the scale of digital evidence. 


JPS Techs

Software vendors

Hundreds of UK justice and public safety (JPS) software vendors trust AWS to power their fast and secure growth, through cloud services. Connect with software vendors that are driving innovation around digital evidence capture and management, records management, control rooms, and digital investigations—supporting customers achieve public safety outcomes and accelerating justice.

Solve your biggest challenges

Transform culture as well as technology with AWS

Transformation is not just about technology — it's about your organisation's culture and readiness for change. AWS combines its Cloud Adoption Framework, training, and Amazon's Working Backwards culture to facilitate your cloud adoption.

Collaborate better with interoperable systems

Different public safety systems don't always talk to each other, making it hard for partners to share data and provide the best services. Customers can use AWS to architect consistent infrastructures that are streamlined, secure, and can scale over time to help them build interoperable systems.

Focus on public safety without the IT distractions

When it comes to public safety, it’s crucial to deliver results quickly. Priorities can change on a daily—even hourly—basis. With the cloud, agencies can innovate and exploit new technologies faster. With a reliable, flexible cloud infrastructure, leaders can focus more on improving public safety and less on maintaining IT.


Store and access data to UK Home Office standards

AWS is the most flexible and secure cloud-computing environment available today — built to satisfy the requirements of the most secure and highly regulated public sector organisations. See how it's supporting UK policing organisations with Police Assured Secure Facilities (PASF).

Make more of your infrastructure

AWS Police Assured Mission Accelerator

How do you move to the cloud while keeping data safe and ensuring value for money? Police forces can migrate workloads and deploy services quickly and securely using the AWS Police Assured Mission Accelerator. AWS, the Police Digital Service, and the National Police Technology Council developed this blueprint for change.

Data, Analytics and Actionable Insights

Find the fastest way to get answers from your data and give insights to your people. Automate tasks to build and secure data lakes in days—not weeks—and then use your own customised analytics service to interrogate your data.

Digital Evidence and Forensics

UK justice and public safety agencies can use AWS to manage the huge amounts of digital content they produce — from digital evidence created by body-worn cameras and CCTV, to complex and nuanced digital forensic data. From there, they can speed up cases and investigations through methods like automation.


Digital Public Contact with Amazon Connect

Justice and public safety organisations are seeking ways to improve digital engagement with the public across web chat, email and social media, in addition to traditional telephony. With Amazon Connect, organisations can create cloud-based omnichannel contact capabilities while reducing cost, increasing availability and reliability and gaining deeper user insight.

See how it’s done

Giving security services a safe space to innovate

“The past year has demonstrated how relevant and applicable our innovative approach can be to diverse mission problems that demand meaningful impact delivered at pace.”

Toby Jones, Head of Accelerated Capability Environment (ACE), UK Home Office

Improved digital experience for both public and staff

"Since migrating our corporate website to AWS, we have seen great improvements in performance and speed. This is a game changer for our content editors, freeing up a lot of time spent waiting around for things to load. I’m also hoping it’ll empower editors to offer more media-rich content on website.”

Alan McNicol, Senior Systems Engineer (App/Web), ICT Centre of Excellence Scottish Fire & Rescue


Supporting UK's biggest criminal investigation

“Our data scientists could probably have devised ways of analysing this data themselves. But when we have more than 200 threats to life, we can’t afford to spend time doing that. Using off-the-shelf services from AWS enabled us to go from a standing start to a full capability in the space of hours.”

Spokesperson, National Crime Agency

Designing policing services required in a digital age

“Working with AWS has supported us to focus on our strategic outcomes for building boundary-pushing technology to keep the community safe, and to design services which are efficient, agile, and scalable.”

Spokesperson, Merseyside Police

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