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Equip your institution for the new world of teaching, learning, and research with the AWS Cloud

Education does not start and end in the classroom. It’s always available, personalised, and lifelong, with digital technology an inseparable part of mix. Amazon Web Services (AWS) powered innovation in schools, colleges, and universities is helping them remove legacy systems, improve security, and modernise faster. Better student and staff experiences, easier hybrid learning, accelerated research, and seamless admissions are just some of the differences you’ll make on the AWS Cloud.

Increasing Access to Education with Computer Games

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Insights on education

See how the cloud can help institutions respond to the rapidly-changing world around us. Discover the key technology trends, challenges, and recommendations across primary, secondary, and higher education.

Mission critical cloud: Transforming education

Fix This is the bi-weekly AWS podcast. We talk to leaders from around the globe about how they use technology to fix some of the world’s most pressing issues. In this episode, listen in as we discuss how education institutions are using the cloud to modernise their education systems.

Sustainability in the cloud

Perform the same tasks with an 88 percent lower carbon footprint. With AWS, you can reduce associated emissions based on the carbon intensity of consumed electricity and renewable energy purchases.

University of Keele begins transformation using AWS

Institutions are encouraged by the UUK’s Fair Admissions Review to build greater levels of transparency, increase trust, and improve public understanding in admissions practices. See one example of how the AWS Cloud transformed admissions at the University of Keele in this blog post.

Modernise education systems at every level

Higher education

Higher education

Instructors, students, researchers, IT staff, and administrators in higher education need flexible technology that supports all modes of work and study. Institutions, including University College London, London School of Economics, and Oxford University, choose AWS to modernise their systems and provide improved, personalised education—using data.

Academic research

Academic research

Research labs and institutions need to process complex workloads to accelerate time to science. AWS provides compute, storage, and database capabilities to leading research agencies including the European Space Agency, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Health.



EdTechs are catalysts for innovation in education. See how leading educational technology and publishing companies around the world are already using AWS to modernise all aspects of their mission delivery, including Century, Tribal, Arbor, Busuu, CDSM, Firefly, and Satchel.

Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges

Schools and colleges can reduce risk, improve digital equity, and free themselves of the distractions of managing infrastructure with the AWS Cloud. From back-end data management to virtual desktops, schools and colleges rely on AWS to ensure the continuity of teaching and learning.

Solve your biggest challenges

Embrace hybrid learning

Teaching, learning, and assessing have to continue, no matter where staff and students are. See how AWS can help you blend in-person engagement with virtual collaboration to achieve flexible learning while reducing downtime and disruption and looking after student wellbeing.

Accelerate research

Time to science should be fast, but technology across research projects will vary. With the flexibility and economics of the AWS Cloud, you can balance costs with faster data processing. You only pay for what you need, and can run complex jobs off-peak to access even cheaper rates.

Close the digital divide

Digital learning tools and compute-intense apps—much like education itself—should be available to everyone. See how you can use AWS solutions to democratise secure and scalable remote learning to ensure everyone has the skills they need to find employment after education.

Defend against cyberattacks

Online security expert National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued advice to UK schools, colleges, and universities to counter a rise in cyberattacks. Institutions need to have a sufficient security strategy in place, and the cloud has proven to be an effective way to prevent and recover from cyberattacks.

As the world changes rapidly, at AWS we are committed to helping education institutions focus on what matters most: their students. Join us for IMAGINE: The New World of Education, a webinar series that explores the challenges and opportunities that education institutions around the world face. Learn from education leaders, including university presidents, chief information officers, district leaders, and researchers, as they share their stories about the future of education. 

Make more of your infrastructure

AWS Cloud migration

Migrate any digital education workload, including applications, websites, databases, storage, physical or virtual servers, and even entire data centres, from your institution’s on-premises environment, hosting facility, or other cloud platforms to AWS.

Amazon Connect

Scale to meet demand or add extra services when you want to automate calls and analyse recordings, with Amazon Connect for your contact centre and university clearing needs.

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Widen access to student and staff applications across Macs, Chromebooks, or PCs with Amazon AppStream 2.0. Reduce dependency on computer labs and stream even your most resource intensive applications, such as 3D design or mathematical modelling, direct to students’ devices.

Data availability and information security

Mitigate cyberattacks and guard against theft of intellectual property. AWS combines security features such as data encryption, multifactor authentication and virtual private networks (VPN) to protect education institutions, their staff, students, and intellectual property.

See how it’s done

Migrating to lower costs and greater security

“We’ve used AWS to support our SAP migration. We successfully moved to the cloud over a single weekend and immediately encountered improved performance.”

Andrew Docherty, CTO, Cambridge University Press

Reaching a new molecular level in research

In the past, we relied on empirical models to interpret our results: what we knew experimentally versus what we thought would be happening. The results we’ve obtained with AWS have given us insight at the molecular scale that we couldn’t achieve before.”

Dr. Simon Hood, Head of Research Platforms and Information Technology (IT), University of Manchester

Taking the drama out of admissions

“Admissions day is a big marketing tool for us, and we need the experience to be top-notch for students who may have never been to Keele’s campus. Using AWS, we were able to deliver. Students could access our virtual tours from anywhere in the world, and the cost was near negligible for us.”

Alex Goffe, Head of Operations and Infrastructure, Keele University

Modernising learning in and out of the classroom

AWS EdStart is connecting us to a wider community of other EdTech businesses in similar spaces where we can exchange ideas and find opportunities for partnerships and collaboration.”

Simon Hay, Co-founder, Firefly

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