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Simplify risk and compliance assessments with the new common control library in AWS Audit Manager

Map enterprise controls to AWS data sources effortlessly with predefined, pre-mapped controls based on auditor reviews. Automatically inherit improvements as Audit Manager updates.

AWS Weekly Roundup

AWS Weekly Roundup: New capabilities in Amazon Bedrock, AWS Amplify Gen 2, Amazon RDS and more (May 13, 2024)

AWS Summit is in full swing around the world, with the most recent one being AWS Summit Singapore! Here is a sneak peek of the AWS staff and ASEAN community members at the Developer Lounge booth. It featured AWS Community speakers giving lightning talks on serverless, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), security, generative AI, […]

New Amazon CloudWatch log class for infrequent access logs at a reduced price

Amazon CloudWatch Logs announces today a new log class called Infrequent Access. This new log class offers a tailored set of capabilities at a lower cost for infrequently accessed logs, enabling customers to consolidate all their logs in one place in a cost-effective manner. As customers’ applications continue to scale and grow, so does the […]

New – Manage Planned Lifecycle Events on AWS Health

We are announcing new features in AWS Health to help you manage planned lifecycle events for your AWS resources and dynamically track the completion of actions that your team takes at the resource-level to ensure continued smooth operations of your applications. Some examples of planned lifecycle events are an Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) […]

New AWS AppFabric Improves Application Observability for SaaS Applications

In today’s business landscape, companies strive to equip their employees with the most suitable and efficient tools to perform their jobs effectively. To achieve this goal, many companies turn to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. This approach allows companies to optimize their workflows, enhance employee productivity, and focus their resources on core business activities rather than software […]

ML Governance Tools for Amazon SageMaker

New ML Governance Tools for Amazon SageMaker – Simplify Access Control and Enhance Transparency Over Your ML Projects

As companies increasingly adopt machine learning (ML) for their business applications, they are looking for ways to improve governance of their ML projects with simplified access control and enhanced visibility across the ML lifecycle. A common challenge in that effort is managing the right set of user permissions across different groups and ML activities. For […]

New – AWS Config Rules Now Support Proactive Compliance

February 26, 2024 – Post updated to link to a sample CloudFormation hook in the AWS CloudFormation GitHub Repository. January 12, 2023 – Post updated with the current regional availability. When operating a business, you have to find the right balance between speed and control for your cloud operations. On one side, you want to […]

Console screenshot.

New for AWS Control Tower – Comprehensive Controls Management (Preview)

Today, customers in regulated industries face the challenge of defining and enforcing controls needed to meet compliance and security requirements while empowering engineers to make their design choices. In addition to addressing risk, reliability, performance, and resiliency requirements, organizations may also need to comply with frameworks and standards such as PCI DSS and NIST 800-53. […]