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Amazon RDS PostgreSQL Update – Service Level Agreement and General Availability

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We launched RDS PostgreSQL at AWS re:Invent in November of 2013 in order to bring the benefits of a managed database service to the PostgreSQL community.

Customers of all sizes are bringing their mission-critical PostgreSQL workloads to RDS at a rapid clip. Here is a small sample of the applications that have been launched on top of RDS PostgreSQL in the past 7 months:

  • 6Wunderkinder – Wunderlist – Cross-platform mobile applications.
  • IlluminaBaseSpace – an enterprise-scale web application.
  • NetflixSecurity Monkey – open source security solution.
  • TigerLogic – Postano Platform – Engaging social media visualization platform.

Our RDS partners ( ESRI, Boundless, and Jaspersoft to name a few) are helping their customers to take advantage of the power of RDS PostgreSQL.

SLA and General Availability
We have experienced strong customer adoption and have accumulated plenty of operational experience since the beta launch and are happy to announce that effective July 1, 2014 RDS PostgreSQL will be included in the Amazon RDS SLA and that it will be generally available.

The SLA provides for 99.95% availability for Multi-AZ database instances on a monthly basis. If availability falls below 99.95% for a Multi-AZ database instance (which is a maximum of 22 minutes of unavailability for each database instance per month), you will be eligible to receive service credits. The Amazon RDS SLA is designed to give you additional confidence to run the most demanding and mission critical workloads dependably in the AWS cloud.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that our customers are making use of RDS for PostgreSQL!

6Wunderkinder – Macstore App of the Year on RDS PostgreSQL
6Wunderkinder is the creator of Wunderlist, a cross-platform task management application and the winner of the Macstore app of the year for 2013. We spoke to Chad Fowler (CTO) to learn more about their use of RDS. This is what he had to say:

We have millions of connected and constantly polling clients. This generates massive amounts of usage data in our operational data stores in PostgreSQL. We were able to handoff the database management aspects to RDS and leveraged the beefiest 244GB instance to handle our production workload.

With Provisioned IOPS we were able to achieve the I/O throughput demanded by our application. Enabling Multi-AZ has given us the peace of mind to rely on RDS for high-availability and focus on what we do best – build a robust task management application.

Netflix – Open Source Security on RDS PostgreSQL
Online content provider Netflix is able to support seamless global service by partnering with AWS for services and delivery of content. Cloud Security Architect Jason Chan provided some perspective on their use of RDS for PostgreSQL:

We recently announced the open source availability of Security Monkey, our solution for monitoring and analyzing the security of our Amazon Web Services configurations. We leveraged RDS PostgreSQL to capture the security data gathered by our solution.

Building an application backed by production ready PostgreSQL database with Multi-AZ high availability, automated backups, patching and upgrades handled by RDS helped us focus on our development to bring this powerful open source solution to the community.

Illumina – Building Global Scale Applications on RDS PostgreSQL
Illumina is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of life science tools and integrated systems for large-scale analysis of genetic variation and function. Greg Roberts, Development Lead for the BaseSpaces product, talked about RDS PostgreSQL:

Using BaseSpace, biologists and informaticians can easily and securely analyze, archive and share sequencing data. We were able to leverage RDS for PostgreSQL since first day of launch for our BaseSpace project. We scaled our instances seamlessly as our project grew.

Automated backups and automated failovers with Multi-AZ provided us the high availability and protection against data loss that our customers expect.

TigerLogic – Social Media Analytics at Postano on RDS PostgreSQL
TigerLogic Corporation has been helping companies make better use of their data for more than three decades. Their Postano Platform helps leading brands to create engaging social visualizations. Danny Hyun, Director of Engineering for TigerLogic had a lot to say about RDS for PostgreSQL:

The Postano Platform helps leading brands create highly engaging social visualizations leveraging the top social networks in use today. Working with RDS PostgreSQL since its launch gave us the confidence we could build a scalable, robust solution for our customers without the hassles of dealing with database management. The Platform processes more than a million social messages daily, and during special occasions – like national and global award shows and sporting events – more than 10 million messages will be stored and read in our RDS PostgreSQL instance in a very short period of time. Leveraging the abilities of the most powerful RDS instance, cr1.8xlarge with Multi-AZ capabilities, we were able to bring our production database workloads onto RDS early on.

Get Started Today
You can get started with Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL today. You can launch an intance with a couple of clicks in the AWS Management Console. To learn more, visit the RDS for PostgreSQL page or the RDS Documentation.


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