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Danilo Poccia

Author: Danilo Poccia

Danilo works with startups and companies of any size to support their innovation. In his role as Chief Evangelist (EMEA) at Amazon Web Services, he leverages his experience to help people bring their ideas to life, focusing on serverless architectures and event-driven programming, and on the technical and business impact of machine learning and edge computing. He is the author of AWS Lambda in Action from Manning.

Amazon Redshift Serverless のご紹介 – データウェアハウスインフラストラクチャを管理することなく、あらゆる規模で分析を実行

例えば、従来のデータウェアハウスを管理する専門知識や時間がないデベロッパーやビジネスアナリストなど、組織内の新 […]

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