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Video: How AWS Empowered BlockFi to Scale at Their Own Pace

BlockFi, a crypto services platform operating in the fintech space, offers financial products to retail and institutional investors. After rapidly growing from 200 to 1,000 employees during the pandemic, the company knew they needed a solid infrastructure that would allow them to scale quickly and safely.

“We have employees spread across 22 countries,” explains Adam Healy, BlockFi’s Chief Security Officer. “And we’re needing to provide internal services to them, at scale, securely, in a robust way.” BlockFi also had to be able to scale externally, as its customer base grew from an initial 150,000 people to its current count of over 600,000 active clients in just 18 months.

“AWS was a clear market leader,” says Healy. “Not only in their cloud capabilities and infrastructure and platform services, but some of the new and innovative things they’re doing around machine learning and data science.” By partnering with AWS, BlockFi also benefited from being able to access the marketplace and other third-party services that AWS has relationships with, allowing them to solve problems more quickly.

As for BlockFi’s customers, “It’s generally a more tech-forward audience and a more security-aware audience,” says Healy. “They have the confidence that they’re placing in us and through us—organizations like AWS that we’ve chosen to collaborate with—to safeguard their assets and provide them financial services at a speed and at a velocity that they would expect in a highly innovative market.”

If you’re interested in learning more, watch “How BlockFi scales to meet demand for crypto asset services,” BlockFi’s speech from AWS re:Invent 2021.