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Building a Secure GraphQL API with AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync

Building a Secure GraphQL API with AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync

Client-side web development with frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue have become incredibly popular. At the same time, GraphQL has emerged as an alternative to REST for building robust, efficient APIs. However, using GraphQL APIs from client-side code comes with unique challenges compared to REST. One major roadblock is handling Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) when […]

Use Generative AI and Next.js with AWS Amplify to build a Fullstack Recipe Generator

Use Generative AI and Next.js with AWS Amplify to build a Fullstack Recipe Generator

Let’s dive into the world of Generative AI, Next.js, AWS Amplify, and Amazon Bedrock supercharged by Claude 3. In this guide, we’ll walk you through creating a recipe generator app where users can input a list of ingredients, and Claude 3 will generate delicious recipes based on their selection. In November 2023, AWS Amplify unveiled the public […]

Control GraphQL execution complexity, query depth, and introspection with AWS AppSync

This article is written by Erik Yang with contributions from Eric Robertson AWS AppSync recently announced new configuration options that make it easier for customers to configure limits to how their APIs can be consumed. These options allow customers to set a maximum number of resolvers per query, a maximum depth of queried data, and […]

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Deploy Next.js 14 SSR apps with AWS Amplify Hosting’s Amazon Linux 2023 Support

Introduction Today, on AWS Amplify Hosting, the build image will default to Amazon Linux 2023 for newly deployed applications. Amazon Linux 2023 enables using newer versions of Node.js, Ruby, and Python to build applications on Amplify Hosting. Amplify Hosting manages a default build image with a collection of pre-installed packages that you can use to […]

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Bring your own SSL certificate to AWS Amplify Hosting

Introduction Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of Custom SSL Certificates on AWS Amplify Hosting. This feature introduces new capabilities for you to configure your Amplify domain to use your own SSL certificates from AWS Certificate Manager (ACM). Amplify manages SSL/TLS certificates on your behalf to securely serve traffic to your domain over […]

The future of web development: AWS Amplify’s Code First Approach

The future of web development: AWS Amplify’s Code First Approach AWS Amplify‘s new code-first developer experience is contributing to shaping the future of web development. This approach emphasizes building with an app-first mentality, focusing on the seamless DX while leveraging the power of AWS services. By adopting this approach, developers can create robust and scalable […]

Real-time data distribution with Amazon MSK and AWS AppSync

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This post was co-written by Hammad Rasheed, Qasim Naeem, and Umair Ajmal from NETSOL Technologies. The competition to attract and retain an audience in a cluttered and fragmented digital space is accelerating. Customers expect digital products to provide an engaging experience to users. Often times this means enriching applications with streaming, real-time data, however, the […]

The most visited front-end web and mobile blog posts in 2023

As we kick off 2024, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the top posts from 2023. Without further ado, here are the top 10 front-end web and mobile blog posts of 2023. Backends for Frontends Pattern – In this blog post, we describe how you can improve end-user customer experience on your User […]

re:Invent 2023 Front-end Web and Mobile Productivity Playlist

The dust has settled after another re:Invent. I once again had the privilege of organizing the Front-end Web and Mobile (FWM) track along with Jessie VanderVeen, Anubhav Rao and countless others. For 2022, the FWM track included 28 sessions.  If you weren’t able to attend, I have compiled a list of the on-demand sessions for […]

Create a Fullstack, Sample Web App powered by Amazon Bedrock

In this post we will walk you through creating a fullstack, sample web app that uses Amazon Bedrock to create generative AI-powered application features and user experiences. Your sample app will include: A React frontend web application, built with Amplify UI components, that supports both end user chat interactions with Amazon Bedrock foundational models, and […]