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How to Contribute to the AWS Week in Review Blog Post!

APN Partners, we know that you’re regularly producing fantastic business and technical content. How would you like to highlight that content to a broad audience of AWS customers and AWS employees?

Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist at AWS, has recently revamped the AWS Week in Review, with the goal of making it very easy for you to submit contributions. From Jeff:

The AWS Week in Review is now a GitHub project ( I am inviting contributors (AWS fans, users, bloggers, and partners) to contribute.

Every Monday morning I will review and accept pull requests for the previous week, aiming to publish the Week in Review by 10 AM PT. In order to keep the posts focused and highly valuable, I will approve pull requests only if they meet our guidelines for style and content.

At that time I will also create a file for the week to come, so that you can populate it as you discover new and relevant content.

Learn more about how to contribute by reading Jeff’s recent post, AWS Week in Review – Coming Back With Your Help!

Go forth and contribute!