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Just Launched: Canonical Enterprise Support for Ubuntu on AWS Marketplace

This is a guest post from Udi Nachmany, Head of Public Cloud at Canonical. Canonical is an Advanced APN Technology Partner. 

Ubuntu has long been popular with users of AWS, due to its stability, regular cadence of releases, and scaleout-friendly usage model. Canonical, an Advanced APN Technology Partner, optimizes, builds, and regularly publishes the latest Ubuntu images to the Amazon EC2 console and AWS Marketplace, which is designed to provide an optimal Ubuntu experience for developers who are using AWS Cloud services. At AWS re:Invent 2016, Canonical will augment that experience with the added stability, security, and efficiency enterprise users require, by launching its enterprise support package for Ubuntu, Ubuntu Advantage, on AWS Marketplace.

Ubuntu Advantage Virtual Guest is designed for virtualized enterprise workloads on AWS, which use official Ubuntu images. It is the professional package of tooling, technology, and expertise from Canonical, and helps organizations around the world manage their Ubuntu deployments. Ubuntu Advantage Virtual Guest includes:

  • Access to Landscape (SaaS version), the systems management tool for using Ubuntu at scale
  • Canonical Livepatch Service, which allows you to apply critical kernel patches without rebooting on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS images using the Linux 4.4 kernel
  • Up to 24×7 telephone and web support
  • Access to the Canonical Knowledge Hub, and regular security bug fixes

The added benefits of accessing Ubuntu Advantage through the AWS Marketplace SaaS subscription model are hourly pricing rates based on the size of your actual Ubuntu usage on AWS, and centralized billing through your existing AWS Marketplace account. Ubuntu Enterprise Support is available in two tiers: Standard and Advanced.You can learn about the difference in support levels here.

At re:Invent, you will also be able to learn more about Canonical’s innovations around software operations, containers, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Nearly all Canonical technologies such as Juju, LXD, and Snaps, as well as the Canonical distribution of Kubernetes, can be used and deployed in production with your Amazon EC2 credentials today.  What’s more, these technologies are supported with professional SLAs from Canonical.

We are also actively innovating around containers with our machine container solution LXD,  which provides the density and efficiency of containers with the manageability and security of virtual machines. We are also partnering with Docker on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and others around process container orchestration. All of this and much more can be deployed through Juju, our open source service modeling platform for operating complex, interlinked, dynamic software stacks known as Big Software.

Snaps are a new packaging format used to securely package software as an app, making updates and rollbacks a breeze. Canonical’s Ubuntu Core is an open source, Snap-enabled production operating system that powers virtually anything, including robots, drones, industrial IoT gateways, network equipment, digital signage, mobile base stations, and fridges.

At re:Invent 2016, we will be talking to Ubuntu users about all these innovations and more. Come visit us at booth 2341 in Hall D.

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