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MongoDB on the AWS Cloud: Exclusive Early Release for APN Partners

AWS Quick Start reference deployments help you rapidly deploy fully functional enterprise software on the AWS cloud, following AWS best practices for security and availability. AWS Quick Starts are valuable resources for you to utilize as you work with enterprise software to build repeatable, scalable, and highly optimized solutions for your customers on AWS.

We’re excited to announce the early release for APN Partners of our latest AWS Quick Start, MongoDB on the AWS Cloud.

MongoDB on AWS

MongoDB is an open source, NoSQL database that provides support for JSON-styled, document-oriented storage systems. It supports a flexible data model that enables you to store data of any structure, and provides a rich set of features, including full index support, sharding, and replication.

AWS provides customers with the ability to set up the infrastructure to support MongoDB deployment in a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective manner.

Introducing the MongoDB Quick Start Reference Deployment

The MongoDB Quick Start includes an automated AWS CloudFormation template, which launches and runs a MongoDB cluster of up to 13 nodes on AWS. You can launch the MongoDB cluster either into an existing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) or into a newly created Amazon VPC in your AWS account. Customization options include the MongoDB version (2.6 or 3.0), the number of replica sets (1 or 3), the number of shards (up to 3), the number of micro-shards per node, and storage types and sizes.

The MongoDB Quick Start takes approximately 15 minutes to deploy. You pay only for the AWS compute and storage resources you use—there is no additional cost for running the Quick Start. The MongoDB Quick Start comes with a deployment guide, which includes architectural considerations and configuration steps for deploying a MongoDB cluster on the AWS cloud. It discusses best practices for deploying on AWS using services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

The Quick Start is for IT infrastructure architects, administrators, and DevOps professionals who are planning to implement or extend their MongoDB workloads on the AWS cloud. This reference deployment will assist you in building a MongoDB cluster in an automated fashion.

APN Partners can now download the MongoDB Quick Start on the APN Portal by logging in and clicking on the ‘Content’ tab. The MongoDB Quick Start is the first piece of featured content.

Stay tuned to the APN Blog for more AWS Quick Start announcements to come throughout 2015.