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New Webcasts Available on the APN Portal for APN Partners

The APN Webcast Program focuses on shorter length, on-demand videos that serve as an additional educational resource catered specifically to you, our APN Partners. We’re launching videos on everything from AWS products, services, and solutions to deep dives on technical content, along with providing you with a number of webcasts to help you learn how to best utilize the resources of the APN. We will continue to launch a number of new webcasts throughout 2015, and have recently launched three new webcasts for you to watch at your own convenience.

Newly Posted Webcasts on the APN Portal

How to Use AWS Quick Starts: AWS Quick Start is a program designed to help AWS Customers and APN Partners deploy fully functional enterprise software in minutes, all while following AWS best practices for security and availability. This introductory webcast details the AWS Quick Start program, compares AWS Quick Start with alternative programs for publishing working applications, and provides a demonstration of launching a sample reference deployment. Click here to view the webcast.

MongoDB on AWS Quick Start: MongoDB is an open source, NoSQL database that provides support for JSON-styled, document-oriented storage systems. With this Quick Start, you can automatically deploy MongoDB on the AWS cloud in 15 minutes. Watch the webcast to learn more.

AWS Channel Reseller Program Overview: The AWS Global Channel Reseller Program enables qualified partners to resell AWS services to both commercial and public sector end customers. The program is designed for APN Consulting Partners who have built their AWS practice to include professional services and management of end customer AWS deployments. Learn more about how to qualify as a Channel Reseller Partner through this short Webcast. You can find the webcast here.

To view all of the available webcasts, log in to the APN Portal and click here.