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Don’t Miss These Sessions at Global Partner Summit on Nov. 27-28

As you make plans to attend the Global Partner Summit at AWS re:Invent 2017, be sure to reserve a seat in the sessions you want by browsing our catalog and using your re:Invent account to register.

By reserving a seat, you get a guaranteed spot in the sessions you want—as long as you arrive at least 10 minutes before it starts. At the 10-minutes mark, all reserved seats will be cancelled and empty seats will be filled by attendees in the walk-up line.

You may register for sessions on the re:Invent catalog website or via the mobile app. To find Global Partner Summit sessions on the re:Invent catalog, search or filter for “GPS” under Session Track.

Here are some sessions that you can still register to attend at the Global Partner Summit. We’ll see you there!

Business Sessions

Title: Cloud-Based Regtech Solutions on AWS
Session ID: GPSBUS209
What You’ll Learn: With recent reports that banks face a regulatory change every 12 minutes, it’s no wonder firms increasingly look to automate compliance and reduce operational risk. By leveraging the latest technology advances—including cognitive computing, enhanced analytics, digital identities, big data, and the cloud—banks hope to reduce their compliance burdens and free human and financial capital for more productive uses. Today’s cutting-edge approaches offer advantages for agility, speed, and ease of integration. We dive deeper into the cloud-based RegTech solutions that are available on AWS.

Title: Evolve Your Storage Business Models on AWS
Session ID: GPSBUS217
What You’ll Learn: Transitioning on-premises solutions to the cloud and creating SaaS solutions is no small undertaking. Providing unique, differentiated value, adjusting business models, and adroitly messaging your cloud-enabled solutions can set you up for long-term success. We’ll discuss the opportunities ahead for storage partners on AWS. How do you transform solutions to leverage the power of the AWS cloud? Will your operational paradigms shift as your customer deployment scenarios change? Can you help and advise customers as they navigate their own cloud transitions? Hear from on-premises and born-in-the-cloud partners as they discuss transforming their businesses on AWS.

Title: Refactor and Replatform .NET Apps to Use the Latest Microsoft SQL Server Release on AWS and Beyond
Session ID: GPSBUS220
What You’ll Learn: Developers and architects migrating Microsoft enterprise applications to AWS can leverage new tools and services to implement DevOps best practices identified and developed by AWS solution architects and service teams. Learn about architectural best practices and AWS services such as AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy, focusing on the .NET environment. Get examples of using the latest Microsoft SQL Server release on Amazon EC2 or Amazon RDS, or on other database offerings native to AWS such as Amazon Aurora or serverless environments. Hear how an APN Partner took a global retail customer’s e-commerce engine and Microsoft SQL Server-based data platform from on premises to the AWS Cloud in just weeks.

Title: Maximize Innovation and Agility by Building Your SaaS Solution on AWS
Session ID: GPSBUS215
What You’ll Learn: Partners increasingly look to a SaaS delivery model for products to respond to customer demand, improve operational efficiency, increase agility, and expand market and global reach. AWS provides a low-cost, reliable, and secure foundation as you build and deliver SaaS solutions to customers. The AWS Partner Network (APN) helps you build a successful AWS-based business by providing valuable business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support. We discuss what a typical journey to SaaS on AWS looks like, and explore the AWS and APN resources and benefits available to you at every stage of your journey.

Technical Sessions

Title: SaaS Metrics: The Ultimate View of Tenant Consumption
Session ID: GPSTEC308
What You’ll Learn: SaaS architects have their fingers on the pulse of tenant consumption. Understanding the patterns for tenant consumption provides both business and technical teams the data they need to make sound decisions about product packaging, metering, and tiering. Of course, building a robust model for analyzing and attributing tenant consumption can be tricky. We look at specific strategies for capturing, aggregating, and associating consumption with tenants in a multi-tenant, shared resource model. We’ll touch on common patterns and strategies that are used to instrument and publish metrics spanning compute, storage, and more, and we’ll look at tools and models that correlate consumption with AWS spend.

Title: Image Management Best Practices for Amazon WorkSpaces
Session ID: GPSTEC316
What You’ll Learn: Desktop and application streaming solutions provide the “last mile” between users and their applications and data. We will review the elements and benefits of the layered desktop image, application dependencies, and lifecycle management of desktops. APN Partner Liquidware will showcase its toolset that helps customers deploy on AWS with ease. This deep dive on desktop image management for Amazon WorkSpaces will focus on enterprise organizations migrating to the cloud. It will benefit engineers and system administrators that are new to this space, as well as experienced architects with existing deployments on AWS.

Title: From Leaves to Lawns: AWS Greengrass at the Edge and Beyond
Session ID: GPSTEC317
What You’ll Learn: AWS Greengrass provides a wide range of opportunities from IoT gateway applications to building systems like those with microservice architectures. We’ll evaluate how AWS Greengrass fits into OEM, ODM, and IT service delivery models. We then wade into a gentle overview of AWS Greengrass and how it interoperates with AWS IoT and other AWS services. We’ll walk through several key AWS Greengrass distributed architectures, and to help you accelerate your solution we’ll discuss how AWS Greengrass fits into the AWS Cloud development and delivery model. The session wraps up with a demonstration of AWS Greengrass facilitating communication between a closed machine to machine (M2M) network and AWS IoT.

Title: Optimizing Tips: Amazon Redshift for Cloud Data Warehousing
Session ID: GPSTEC315
What You’ll Learn: Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. A proper data model is an integral part of an optimal Amazon Redshift deployment, allowing you to scale efficiently in a cost-effective manner to meet your increasing demand. We offer tips to help you optimize your Amazon Redshift deployment.

Title: SAP HANA HA on AWS: Preventing Production Facepalms
Session ID: GPSTEC312
What You’ll Learn: AWS provides a suite of services and tools to deploy business-critical SAP HANA workloads on the AWS Cloud. We discuss how to use AWS services, native SAP HANA high availability (HA) tools, and third-party software to achieve HA for SAP HANA systems on the AWS Cloud. We’ll review multiple options that use different AWS features, Availability Zones, and global regions, and then discuss the pros, cons, and related costs of each option.