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Architecture Monthly Magazine: Genomics

The field of genomics has made huge strides in the last 20 years.

Genomics organizations and researchers are rising to the many challenges we face today, and seeking improved methods for future needs. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides an array of services that can help the genomics industry with securely handling and interpreting genomics data, assisting with regulatory compliance, and supporting complex research workloads. In this issue, we have case studies from Lifebit and Fred Hutch, blogs on genomic sequencing and the Registry of Open Data, and some reference architecture and solutions to support your work.

We include videos from the Smithsonian, AstraZeneca, Genomic Discoveries, AMP lab, Illumina, and the University of Sydney.

We hope you’ll find this edition of Architecture Monthly useful. We’d like to thank Kelli Jonakin, PhD, Global Head of Life Sciences & Genomics Marketing, AWS, as well as our Experts, Ryan Ulaszek, Worldwide Tech Leader – Genomics, and Lisa McFerrin, Worldwide Tech Leader – Bioinformatics, for their contribution.

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In this month’s Genomics issue:

  • Ask an Expert: Ryan Ulaszek & Lisa McFerrin
  • Executive Brief: Genomics on AWS: Accelerating scientific discoveries and powering business agility
  • Case Study: Fred Hutch Microbiome Researchers Use AWS to Perform Seven Years of Compute Time in Seven Days
  • Quick Start: For rapid deployment
  • Blog: NIH’s Sequence Read Archive, the world’s largest genome sequence repository: Openly accessible on AWS
  • Solutions: Genomics Secondary Analysis Using AWS Step Functions and AWS Batch
  • Reference Architecture: Genomics data transfer, analytics, and machine learning reference architecture
  • Case Study: Lifebit Powers Collaborative Research Environment for Genomics England on AWS
  • Quick Start: Illumina DRAGEN on AWS
  • Executive Brief: Genomic data security and compliance on the AWS Cloud
  • Solutions: Genomics Tertiary Analysis and Data Lakes Using AWS Glue and Amazon Athena
  • Reference Architecture: Genomics report pipeline reference architecture
  • Blog: Broad Institute gnomAD data now accessible on the Registry of Open Data on AWS
  • Quick Start: Workflow orchestration for genomics analysis on AWS
  • Solutions: Genomics Tertiary Analysis and Machine Learning Using Amazon SageMaker
  • Reference Architecture: Research data lake ingestion pipeline reference architecture
  • Videos:
    • The Smithsonian Institution Improves Genome Annotation for Biodiverse Species Using the AWS Cloud
    • AstraZeneca Genomics on AWS: A Journey from Petabytes to New Medicines
    • Accelerate Genomic Discoveries on AWS
    • UC Berkeley AMP Lab Genomics Project on AWS – Customer Success Story
    • Helix Uses Illumina’s BaseSpace Sequence Hub on AWS to Build Their Personal Genomics Platform
    • University of Sydney Accelerate Genomics Research with AWS and Ronin

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Jane Scolieri

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