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Let’s Architect! Architecting in health tech

Healthcare technology, commonly referred to as “health tech,” is the use of technologies developed for the purpose of improving any and all aspects of the healthcare system. For example, IT tools or software designed to boost hospital/administrative productivity, give insights into new and existing treatments, or improve the overall quality of care. Also known as […]

Architecture showing how How fEMR Delivers Cryptographically Secure and Verifiable EMR Medical Data with Amazon QLDB

How fEMR Delivers Cryptographically Secure and Verifiable Medical Data with Amazon QLDB

This post was co-written by Team fEMR’s President & Co-founder, Sarah Draugelis; CTO, Andy Mastie; Core Team Engineer & Fennel Labs Co-founder, Sean Batzel; Patrick Gryczka, AWS Solutions Architect; Mithil Prasad, AWS Senior Customer Solutions Manager. Team fEMR is a non-profit organization that created a free, open-source Electronic Medical Records system for transient medical teams.  […]

Diagram of the wallet solution

Building a Serverless Wallet Service for In-Game Currency

In the gaming industry, users are often allowed to open accounts and make monetary transactions; they can exchange real money for in-game currency. Players want to be able to add or withdraw funds quickly, and they also want to know how their balance has changed over time. Having this information available helps our customers better […]