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New Whitepaper Provides Best Practices for Optimizing AWS Accounts

Moving fast on the cloud while staying secure requires mechanisms to give the right people access to the right features at the right time. We recommend using multiple accounts, which helps you isolate applications, data, and business processes across your environment. The recently released whitepaper Organizing Your AWS Environment Using Multiple Accounts will show you how these best practices can be implemented at your company to meet your specific business needs.

The whitepaper covers AWS Organizations and organizational units (OUs), recommends OUs for various use cases and workloads, and provides patterns for organizing your account. This whitepaper is an important foundational resource whether you are just starting out on AWS or if you want to enhance an already established environment. These recommendations will also align your organization with Well-Architected best practices.

Example of a basic organization

Figure 1. Example of a basic organization

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Elyse Lopez

Elyse Lopez

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