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When the application experiences an impairment using S3 resources in the primary Region, it fails over to use an S3 bucket in the secondary Region.

Creating an organizational multi-Region failover strategy

AWS Regions provide fault isolation boundaries that prevent correlated failure and contain the impact from AWS service impairments to a single Region when they occur. You can use these fault boundaries to build multi-Region applications that consist of independent, fault-isolated replicas in each Region that limit shared fate scenarios. This allows you to build multi-Region […]

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Let’s Architect! Architecting with Amazon DynamoDB

NoSQL databases are an essential part of the technology industry in today’s world. Why are we talking about NoSQL databases? NoSQL databases often allow developers to be in control of the structure of the data, and they are a good fit for big data scenarios and offer fast performance. In this issue of Let’s Architect!, […]