AWS Cloud Financial Management

Easily save money on your compute spend with Savings Plans

Savings Plans is a flexible pricing model offering lower prices compared to On-Demand pricing, in exchange for a specific usage commitment (measured in $/hour) for a one or three-year period. AWS offers three types of Savings Plans – Compute Savings Plans, EC2 Instance Savings Plans, and Amazon SageMaker Savings Plans. Compute Savings Plans apply to usage across Amazon EC2, AWS Lambda, and AWS Fargate. The EC2 Instance Savings Plans apply to EC2 usage, and Amazon SageMaker Savings Plans apply to Amazon SageMaker usage.

Check out the presentation below to learn how you can easily save money by signing up for a 1- or 3-year term Savings Plans in AWS Cost Explorer, and manage your plans by taking advantage of recommendations, performance reporting, and budget alerts. We walk you through a demo of Savings Plans recommendations in AWS Cost Explorer and different considerations for signing up for Savings Plans.

Dive deep on how to save with Savings Plans

💰 Start saving with Savings Plans recommendations on AWS Cost Explorer