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Launch: Cost Management on AWS Console Mobile Application

We are pleased to announce that AWS Cost Management Console is now available on the AWS Console Mobile Application. This means you can now check your cost and usage information anywhere anytime on the go.

Getting started

If you haven’t done so, you can download the AWS Console application from your Apple App Store, Google Play store, or Amazon Appstore for free. After downloading the app and signing in with your existing AWS account, you will be able to see your Month-to-date costs.

To view your cost details, you can tap “View details” on the Cost Management card on the dashboard screen, or tap the “Month-to-date cost” icon on the dashboard screen. In the cost details page, you will be able to see your month-to-date cost, forecasted month-end costs and daily costs.

You can also change the daily cost filters from Unblended costs to one of the following: Amortized cost, Blended cost, Net unblended cost or Net amortized cost. If you are not familiar with the different filters or want a refresher, you can refer to our Cost Management Blog and documentation.


With the Console mobile app, seeing and understanding your AWS cost and usage just got a lot easier.


Blog author: Lutong Yang, Senior Product Manager, AWS Insights


Bowen Wang

Bowen Wang

Bowen is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. She focuses on enabling finance and business leaders to better understand the value of the cloud and ways to optimize their cloud financial management. In her previous career, she helped a tech start up launch their business automation product into the China market and set up a local customer service call center.