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Measure and track cloud efficiency with sustainability proxy metrics:Establish a metrics pipeline

Measure and track cloud efficiency with sustainability proxy metrics, Part II: Establish a metrics pipeline

This blog post series provides an overview on how to establish a sustainability proxy metrics showback mechanism for teams wanting to optimize their AWS usage for sustainability. In Part I, we’ve covered the motivation for sustainability proxy metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). We explained the concept of usage based metrics, normalization and inclusion of […]

Measure and track cloud efficiency with sustainability proxy metrics, Part I: What are proxy metrics?

Sustainability has become an important decision-making factor for customers, employees, regulators, investors, and partners. Customers have started their journey towards a sustainable business and operations. If you’re building, deploying, and maintaining IT infrastructure, reducing its environmental impact is an important step in reaching company-wide sustainability goals. Thus, sustainability has become a non-functional requirement in modern […]

Graviton 2 and GP3 with Amazon OpenSearch Service

Better Together – Graviton 2 and GP3 with Amazon OpenSearch Service

There are many benefits to running your Amazon OpenSearch Service workloads on Graviton2 based instances coupled with the gp3 EBS volume type. If you’re currently maintaining an Amazon OpenSearch Service workload, these changes are easy to make and can provide ~10% in savings with minimal effort.

feature_how-to_optimize for others

Optimize and save on “other” services

When it comes to cost optimization, you often focus on the top spenders, but the cost of the services that typically fall under the “Others” category can be just as high as the top cost drivers. It’s worth looking into the sources of these costs and identifying opportunities for cost and performance optimization. In this blog, I’ll use a few examples to demonstrate how you can dive deeper and understand the cost elements of these “other” services and what you can do to optimize the spend.


How Cvent saved over $3M in less than two years by creating a cost-aware culture

By using CUDOS and the CID Framework, Cvent provides its centralized governance teams with greater visibility across all organizational spend in a simple, cost-effective manner. More importantly, that same visibility is available to budget managers and engineers, which decentralizes the ownership of the budget details. Cvent’s mindset and processes are shifting from reactive spend investigation to proactive cost optimization during planning and deployment, which fosters a high degree of financial predictability expected from investors and shareholders.