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Amazon CloudFront – More PoPs and More Growth

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I spent some time chatting with the Amazon CloudFront team to make sure that I knew what was going on. Here’s an update:

More PoPs and More Growth
Amazon CloudFront now has 32 global PoPs (Points of Presence) with the addition of second PoPs in Dallas and Paris (5/29).  The team has been quietly adding second PoPs in several cities as they are seeing strong customer demand and are proactively adding capacity.  Other locations where Amazon CloudFront has recently added second PoPs include London (4/24), Frankfurt (4/17),  Singapore (3/27), and Virginia (3/23).

Amazon CloudFront is continuing to grow and expand, with recently announced features such as Amazon CloudFront support for dynamic content, Amazon CloudFront support for live streaming using FMS 4.5, Amazon CloudFront support for smooth streaming to give you even more options, control, and flexibility.

— Jeff;

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