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Jeff Barr

Author: Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr is Chief Evangelist for AWS. He started this blog in 2004 and has been writing posts just about non-stop ever since.

IBM XML Enhancements for Java

IBM’s XML Extensions for Java  integrates important XML technologies into the Java compiler, allowing for faster, more efficient, type-safe access to XML data structures. Here’s more information: The XML Enhancements for Java (XJ) project extends Java with first-class support for XML. In XJ, one can import XML schemas just as one does Java classes. All […]

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ECS-Powered Screen Saver

Software Poetry has produced the ECS-powered Amazon Screen Saver. Here’s what they have to say: Our free Amazon Screen Saver starts by getting a list of popular books from a random category at After showing these for awhile, it begins wandering through Listmania lists, following titles to discover something new every time it runs. […]

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Major Updates at AWZone

There are a number of new features over at the AWS Zone: The three scratchpads (SOAP, REST, and Code) have been combined in to a single universal scratchpad. Support for France and Canada has been added. The international scratchpads now support code generation. Upgraded to use the newest WSDL (2005-03-23) and the new features therein. […]

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Updated ECS Release

We updated the ECS 3 and ECS 4 services earlier this week. The new WSDL version is 2005-03-23. Here are the release notes: New Features New SearchIndices ECS announces support for new search indices – Toys in DE and Pet Supplies in US. Please refer to the API Reference section of the documentation for Search […]

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The Amaztype application uses Amazon cover art to create a visual representation of any word, using titles which match that word. Very cool, requires Flash. Click on the background to zoom in, and hover the cursor over any cover to view more details.

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XML Shell

The XML Shell allows command-line users to interactively query and manipulate XML data without writing any code. Written in Perl, the tool allows you to use a combination of Perl and XPath syntax to treat XML data structures as if they were genuine Perl objects. You can also navigate through the XML data hierarchy using […]

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