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AWS Elastic Beanstalk – Two Additional Regions Supported

We’ve brought AWS Elastic Beanstalk to both of the US West regions, bringing the total to five:

  • US East (Northern Virginia)
  • Asia Pacific (Tokyo)
  • EU (Ireland)
  • US West (Oregon)
  • US West (Northern California)

I have recently spent some time creating and uploading some PHP applications to Elastic Beanstalk using Git and the new ‘eb’ command. The process is very efficient and straightforward. I edit and test my code locally (which, for me, means an EC2 instance), commit it to my Git repository, and then push it (using the command git aws.push) to my Elastic Beanstalk environment. I can focus on my code while Elastic Beanstalk handles all of the deployment and management tasks including capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and health monitoring. I wrote an entire blog post on Git-based deployment to Elastic Beanstalk.


In addition to running PHP applications on Linux using the Apache HTTP server, Elastic Beanstalk also supports Java applications running on the Apache Tomcat stack on Linux and .NET applications running on IIS 7.5. Each environment is supported by the appropriate AWS SDK (PHP, Java, or .NET).

You can get started with Elastic Beanstalk at no charge by taking advantage of the AWS Free Usage Tier.

— Jeff;


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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