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AWS Global Partner Summit – Report from re:Invent 2016

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My colleague Dorothy Copeland is the General Manager for the AWS Global Partner Program. She attended the AWS Global Partner Summit here at AWS re:Invent today and sent a full report, published here as a guest post.


_2MM0323We just wrapped an eventful AWS Global Partner Summit at re:Invent. This full-day event is exclusive to AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners. This year, the event featured a keynote with senior AWS leaders, who discussed a number of APN launches, key trends in the market, and stories of APN Partners driving customer success on AWS. The APN team then hosted a number of business and technical sessions focused on topics intended to help APN Partners build a successful AWS-based business.

During the Summit, AWS announced that more than 10,000 new Partners have joined the APN in the past 12 months. For customers, this growth provides an expanded selection of software integrated with AWS from thousands of new APN Technology Partners, as well as thousands of new APN Consulting Partners that can help design, architect, build, migrate, and manage their workloads and applications on AWS. Let’s take a look at some of the other announcements the APN team made during the Global Partner Summit this year.

During the Global Partner Summit keynote, attendees heard from a number of AWS executives, including:

  • Terry Wise
  • James Hamilton
  • Dave McCann
  • Mike Clayville
  • Andy Jassy

The keynote also featured the following customer speakers:

  • Dan Zelem, CTO, Johnson & Johnson
  •  Adam Japhet, Head of Technology Services Architecture & Design, Scholastic

Keynote Theme – Driving Customer Success & Innovation on AWS
The world’s leading enterprises trust APN Partners to help them achieve the agility benefits of the AWS Cloud. The majority of the Fortune 500 and over 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies utilize APN Partner solutions and services. APN Partners have a unique opportunity to drive customer success on AWS by developing deep skills and specializations on AWS. And throughout the keynote, speakers discussed how APN Partners are successfully helping Enterprise customers drive digital transformation and innovation on AWS, along with key areas of opportunity for APN Partners moving forward. Of particular focus were opportunities APN Partners have to help customers migrate to AWS and maximize the benefits of AWS. Terry Wise discussed how AWS approaches Enterprise migrations, the value of next-generation cloud managed services for customers, and how APN Partners can deliver immense value to customers through automation and full lifecycle customer engagement. Terry also discussed the newly announced alliance with VMWare and VMWare Cloud on AWS and announced that the VMWare Cloud on AWS Partner Program will launch in 2017. Speaking to innovation, Terry discussed the interesting ways that APN Partners are innovating with Amazon Alexa, and how the APN and Alexa teams work together to help APN Partners develop key Alexa skills.

APN Program Launches
The APN team announced a number of exciting launches during the keynote. Here’s a summary, along with links to more information on the AWS Partner Network Blog:

  • The AWS IoT Competency: Showcases industry-leading APN Consulting and Technology Partners that provide proven technology and/or implementation capabilities for a variety of IoT use cases including (though not limited to) intelligent factories, smart cities, energy, automotive, transportation, and healthcare.
  • The AWS Financial Services Competency: Recognizes APN Consulting and Technology Partners offering services and solutions for customers in banking and payments, capital markets, and insurance.
  • The AWS Service Delivery Program: Helps AWS customers find APN Partners with validated experience in specific AWS services and skills such as Amazon Aurora or delivering AWS GovCloud (US) Workloads.
  • The AWS Public Sector Program: Helps qualified APN Partners build and accelerate their AWS Public Sector business.
  • The AWS Partner Solutions Finder: Enables AWS customers to easily search, discover, and connect with APN Partners, based on their business needs.

Meet Our New AWS Premier Consulting Partners!
We set an extremely high bar for a Consulting Partner to make the Premier tier in the APN (learn more here). We currently have 55 Premier Partners.

Congratulations to the following companies who we announced today have become AWS Premier Consulting Partners:

Join the APN Team at re:Invent
Do you want to learn more about the APN? Visit the APN team at the main AWS booth throughout the week!

Dorothy Copeland

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