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AWS Week in Review – April 11, 2016

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September 8, 2021: Amazon Elasticsearch Service has been renamed to Amazon OpenSearch Service. See details.

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week:


April 11


April 12


April 13


April 14


April 15


April 16


April 17

New & Notable Open Source

  • cfn-include implements a Fn::Include for CloudFormation templates.
  • TumblessTemplates is a set of CloudFormation templates for quick setup of the Tumbless blogging platform.
  • s3git is Git for cloud storage.
  • s3_uploader is an S3 file uploader GUI written in Python.
  • SSH2EC2 lets you connect to EC2 instances via tags and metadata.
  • lambada is AWS Lambda for silly people.
  • aws-iam-proxy is a proxy that signs requests with IAM credentials.
  • hyperion is a Scala library and a set of abstractions for AWS Data Pipeline.
  • dynq is a DynamoDB query library.
  • cloud-custodian is a policy rules engine for AWS management.

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