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Since the beta launch of the Amazon Mechanical Turk last month, members of our developer community have been working hard to encode their HITS (Human Interface Tasks) into the system.

One of the first to make it to this point is the Casting Words site (itself still in beta). Casting Words uses the Mechanical Turk to dole out short audio segments from podcasts to the Workers as HITS. The Worker listens to the audio, transcribes it into text, and returns that as the result of the HIT. The results are assembled into a single coherent transcript, which is then made available for searching. Try to search for “Amazon” or “Jeff Barr” to find transcripts of an IT Conversations interview that I did a while ago.

The finished transcripts will be available for purchase by the podcasters, who can then put them on their site and monetize the text using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Casting Words also offers RSS feeds of the search results. This allows you to stay abreast of the latest transcripts which match one of your search terms.

To learn more, visit the founder’s blog, or read the B2Day article.

— Jeff;

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