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Amazon Redshift Expands into Asia Pacific, Adds Features

Amazon Redshift lets you deploy a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse with just a couple of clicks. Once you create your cluster, you can use it to analyze your data using your existing business intelligence tools. Custom applications that use JDBC or ODBC connections will also work, as will those which use standard PostgreSQL […]

AWS Expansion in Oregon – Amazon Redshift and Amazon EC2 High Storage Instances

You can now launch Amazon Redshift clusters and EC2 High Storage instances in the US West (Oregon) Region. Amazon Redshift Amazon Redshift is a fully managed data warehouse service that lets you create, run, and manage a petabyte-scale data warehouse with ease. You can easily scale up by adding additional nodes (giving you more storage […]

Amazon Redshift – Now Broadly Available

We announced Amazon Redshift, our fast and powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service, late last year (see my earlier blog post for more info). As we often do with complex new services, we started out by making a limited preview version of Redshift available by invitation. Today I am happy to announce that Amazon […]