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LiveOps Cloud – Tapping the Billion Dollar Call-Center Market on AWS

LiveOps Cloud is ready to break open a huge untapped market. The company is a long-time solutions provider for the contact center industry, and just recently launched CxEngage, a new contact center-as-a-service platform built and run entirely on AWS. I asked Jeff Thompson, LiveOps Cloud’s CTO and SVP for engineering, to tell us a bit […]

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Building Bridges for Better Cancer Treatment with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

My colleagues Jessica Beegle and Christopher Crosbie shared the inspiring story below! The science of cancer research is continually evolving to include new fields of study. Examples include development of chemotherapies, radiology amplified treatments, and epidemiology for identifying carcinogens. Pathology continues to help deepen the understanding of the disease’s manifestations. The discipline of computer science […]

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Experiment that Discovered the Higgs Boson Uses AWS to Probe Nature

My colleague Sanjay Padhi is part of the AWS Scientific Computing team. He wrote the guest post below to share the story of how AWS provided computational resources that aided in an important scientific discovery. The Higgs boson (sometimes referred to as the God Particle), responsible for providing insight into the origin of mass, was […]

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Using Enhanced RDS Monitoring with Datadog

Today’s guest post comes from K Young, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Datadog! AWS recently announced enhanced monitoring for Amazon RDS instances running MySQL, MariaDB, and Aurora. Enhanced monitoring includes over 50 new CPU, memory, file system, and disk I/O metrics which can be collected on a per-instance basis as frequently as once per second. […]

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Flatiron Health – Using AWS to Help Improve Cancer Treatment

Flatiron Health is a hot startup with a great idea – providing cancer patients, physicians, researchers, and drug firms with a solution that organizes global oncology information. Currently more than 230 cancer clinics and about 2,200 clinicians across the United States use their products and services, which support the treatment of approximately one in five […]

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How Tokyu Hands Architected a Cost-Effective Shopping System with Amazon DynamoDB

I am a flâneur! I enjoy wandering around a new city, exploring the nooks and crannies, and figuring out what makes it unique and special. On one of my trips to Tokyo I was walking through Shibuya and found and amazing hobby store. The 8-floor building contained tools, supplies, and kits for almost every imaginable […]

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