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Demo: SAP HANA One on AWS

My counterpart in Germany, AWS Evangelist Steffen Krause, has put together the blog post below to show you how to launch and exercise SAP HANA One on AWS. Steffen is also responsible for the German language AWSAktuell blog.

— Jeff;


An interesting software product that created a lot of buzz lately is SAP HANA. It is a database based on in-memory technology. The data to be analyzed are put into memory in compressed form, which allows for very fast analytics.

But SAP HANA is sold by SAP as an appliance, a combination of hard- and software. So to use it, there is a big initial investment. SAP HANA One on the other hand is a version of SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services, so everybody can test and use this technology and develop software for it. 

SAP HANA One is available on AWS Marketplace with hourly billing. The software currently costs 0.99 cents per hour, plus the cost of a cc2.8xlarge AWS instance and the required EBS storage. Until May 30th, there is a promotion where you can get 120$ in credits if you use at least 10 hours of SAP HANA One. This video shows the deployment of SAP HANA One on AWS:


After deployment, your HANA instance needs to be configured. To do this, you access the instance using https://ip-address using the Elastic IP address (EIP) that you assigned during deployment. First, you need to enter AWS credentials (Access Key and Secret Access Key) of an AWS account. This information is used by HANA to configure itself on AWS and for operations like backup. I recommend against using your AWS root account credentials. Instead, you should create an IAM user and assign this user to a group with Power Users permissions. Then enter the credentials of this newly created IAM account in the HANA console. You can easily delete this IAM account after testing SAP HANA One. The following video shows the configuration of SAP HANA One on AWS:


After configuring the HANA instance, you can use the product. Either you use SAP HANA Studio for software development (a sample of an android app is here) or you use the graphical analytics tool SAP Visual Intelligence. You can find a trial of this tool in the download tab of the console. In SAP Visual Intelligence, you connect to your HANA instance using the assigned Elastic IP, the instance id 00, the username system and the password that you assigned to system. Then you select one of the sample datasets to analyze it interactively. The following demo shows how this works:


After testing SAP HANA One you should clean up so you stop paying for unused resources. You should:

  • Terminate the instance
  • Release the EIP
  • Delete the EBS volumes that the HANA instance used
  • You can also delete the IAM user

 Finally some resources on SAP HANA one and SAP on AWS in general:

There is also now SAP HANA ONE Premium Edition, whic is SAP HANA One with SAP Enterprise Support.