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Help Wanted – Manager and Senior Developers for new AWS Media Product

We are staffing up a brand-new AWS team to take advantage of some really interesting opportunities in the digital media space.

This team is being launched from an existing product. This particular product has seen exponential growth in the size of its user base on an annualized (run rate) basis, along with 30x revenue growth over the same period.

In order to address this opportunity, we need to hire a Senior Development Manager and multiple Senior Developers ASAP. You’ll be able to start from scratch, building a large-scale distributed application as part of the Seattle-based team.

The team is currently searching for developers at our “SDE III” level. Successful applicants for an SDE III position typically have six or more years of development experience in the industry, along with a BS or MS in Computer Science. They are able to solve large problems in the face of ambiguity, and are able to work on the architecture and the code. They will also have launched projects of significant complexity in the recent past, and have the ability to balance technical complexity with business value.

The developers on this team will drive the architecture and the technology choices. They’ll need to have a broad knowledge of emerging technologies and will know the ins and outs of Java, C or C++, and Linux or Windows. They will also have significant experience with networking, multi-threaded applications, interprocess communication, and the architecture of fault-tolerant systems.

We also need a senior manager of software development to build and run this team of top-performers. The manager will establish a project framework and will also be responsible for putting the right development practices in to place. The manager will also be responsible for providing technical leadership and guidance to the team. Well-qualified applicants will have been managing teams of developers for four or more years, and will have shipped one or more highly available large-scale internet applications.

If you are qualified for one of these positions and you would like to apply, please send your resume to

 — Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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