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I’ll have a Lemonade and Some Links, Por Favor…

I simply couldn’t wait until next week to post a couple of new items!

In S3 Meets R3 (Reliability, Robustness, and Resilience), the authors benchmark Amazon S3 against the venerable SCP (Secure Copy) protocol. You can read the entire article to see the details, but the conclusion pretty much sums it up:

Amazon’s S3 Services provide a standards-based and high performance mechanism for managing content. S3’s performance characteristics make it ideal for end-user as well as enterprise applications where cost-effective data back up is desired. During our regression we never had a problem with reading or writing files. The S3 service had enterprise-class availability and reliability.

In addition to declaring that S3 is enterprise-ready, the authors noted that the entire battery of tests cost just 52 cents to perform.

Also in Dr. Dobb’s, be sure to read about Synchronizing Files with .Net 2.0, S3, and FTP.

Meanwhile, Martin Kochanski continues his informative series of S3 articles.

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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